Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl

Atelier Lina Logo Atelier Lina Game Logo.

Atelier Lina JP Boxart Atelier Lina Japanese Box Art.

Developer Gust
Publisher JP Gust
Released JP December 22, 2009
Platforms Nintendo DS
Genre Role Playing Game

Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl (リーナのアトリエ 〜シュトラールの錬金術士〜 Rīna no Atorie ~Shutoraru no Renkinjutsushi~) is the 3rd Atelier title for the Nintendo DS, and is the third in the Orde series. It is known by the project code DSA3.

Lina is, somewhat infamously, one of the two new Atelier titles since Atelier Iris to not have been released outside of Japan (not counting mobile titles).


The game's main protagonist Lina Alterier has just completed her alchemy licensing exam. Excited to tell her best friend Luon Volk, she rushes home. On the way however, she runs into Luon and excitedly tells him the good news.

While they're talking, the forest to the north of them suddenly begins to burn. As the forest burns down, Lina and Luon and faced with some of the now homeless forest faeries. Being that they were the only people at the scene, the faeries angrily blame humans for the burning of their home.

Knowing that they have little choice, Luon and Lina are now responsible for the revival of the forest. They will be given three years to revive the forest to it's former glory. Lina will need to use her alchemy skills to create items and raise money.



  • The Shining Tomorrow
  • To Eradicate All Powerful Monsters Over The World (Herren + Marshera's Ending)
  • Lina the Alchemy Professor (Ezelin + Boris' Ending)
  • Great Merchant Lina (Gerald + Keith's Ending)
  • The Combination of the Lovely Scholarists (Farrah + Jung's Ending)
  • The Continuing Hardship of Two People
  • The Forrest's Pullout


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