Atelier Questboard

Atelier Questboard Logo

Developer Koei Tecmo
Publisher Japan Koei Tecmo
Released Japan October 17, 2014
Platforms Android, iOS

Atelier Questboard(アトリエ クエストボード) is a casual/mobage game made by Koei Tecmo for the Android and iOS smart phone systems. It features various characters from the Atelier franchise. The goal of the game is to collect various materials and to build relationships with other characters.

It mainly features locations from Atelier Rorona.

Characters Edit

Playable characters Edit

  • Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell
  • Corneria von Feurbach
  • Iksel Yahnn
  • Sterkenburg Cranach
  • Astrid Zexis
  • Ludvig "Gio" Giovanni Arland
  • Tantris
  • Lionela Heinze
  • Merurulince Rede Arls
  • Totooria Helmold
  • Sophie Neuenmuller
  • Ayesha Altugle
  • Plachta
  • Esty Dee

Non-playable characters Edit

  • Marlone (Marie)
  • Judith "Judie" Volltone
  • Wilbell voll Erslied
  • Shallistera Argo
  • Shallotte Elminus
  • Escha Malier
  • Pamela Ibis
  • Tiffani Hildebrand
  • Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang
  • Filly Dee
  • Logix Ficsario

Partner characters[1] Edit

  • Hom
  • Hagel Boldness
  • Cole Dueller
  • Chim
  • Guid Helmold
  • Gerhard Konev
  • Peter Rietz
  • Pilca
  • Viorate Platane
  • Illmeria von Leinweber
  • Melvia Siebel
  • Keithgriff Hazeldine
  • Elfir "Elie" Traum
  • Lilie
  • Hanna Olses
  • Regina Curtis
  • Rufus Falken
  • Gino Knab
  • Drossel Weissberg
  • Oskar Behlmer
  • Cecilia "Ceci" Helmold
  • Dessier Hahlsner Arls
  • Kald Lau
  • Gisela Helmold
  • Meredith Alcock
  • Lias Falken
  • Firis Mistlud
  • Liane Mistlud
  • Tess Heitzmann
  • Revy Berger
  • Marc McBrine
  • Threia Hazelgrimm
  • Angriff Dahlmann
  • Monika Ellmenreich
  • Julio Sebald Leidenschaft
  • Leon
  • Odelia
  • Hinako Shirai (guest character from Blue Reflection)
  • Lime Shijou (Blue Reflection)
  • Yuzuki Shijou (Blue Reflection)
  • Aluche (Nights of Azure 2)
  • Arnice (Nights of Azure)

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External links Edit

Official Website (Japanese)

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