Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Original Soundtrack
A11 Original Soundtrack
Publishers Team Entertainment
Composers Ken Nakagawa
Arrangers Ken Nakagawa
Release date JP June 24, 2009
Format 2 CDs

Track ListEdit

Disc OneEdit

  1. Falling, The Star Light
  2. Atelier Rorona ~Celtic~
  3. The Story Begins
  4. Let's Start Out
  5. Entrance of the Palace
  6. That Knight is Gruff
  7. The Young Lady is a Tomboy
  8. Cocco Informs You When It's the Morning
  9. Atelier Rorona
  10. Ah! Nap Time
  11. Shop's Jig
  12. Eat it with the Special Menu
  13. I Learned it
  14. A Stroll in the Forest
  15. Full-Bokko
  16. Encounter with Alchemy
  17. When You are Troubled, Talk
  18. The Cycle of Disturbing Thoughts ~Duet~
  19. Father and Mother
  20. Shop's Jig ~Recorder~
  21. Hitori-Shizuka
  22. A Blurred Scene
  23. Whoosh-Whoosh Waltz
  24. Ultimate Rondo
  25. Noisy
  26. A Little Evildoer's March
  27. Infiltration! Potholing
  28. Maji-Bukko
  29. A Cemetery Sleeping in the Basement
  30. Unpleasant Presentiment
  31. Ghost Girl ~for Atelier Rorona~
  32. A Big Crowd at the Kingdom Festival
  33. Falling, The Star Light ~Alchemy Boy & Girl~
  • Total Time: 67'04"

Disc TwoEdit

  1. Will You Try it?
  2. Sun Bathing
  3. Shopkeeper's Disposition
  4. The Dancer of Arland ~Solo~
  5. That's the Way a Minstrel Recites It
  6. Shop's Jig ~Whistle~
  7. The Weapon Shop's Old Man
  8. Lionela's Street Performance
  9. The King of Arland
  10. Let's Get Going
  11. Boundless Plains
  12. Waterside Poem
  13. The Street Performer
  14. We're Friends, Right?
  15. It Might be a Good Thing
  16. Shop's Jig ~Bagpipe~
  17. Hair-Rooted Cape
  18. The Dancer of Arland ~Duet~
  19. Complicated Atelier Rorona
  20. Wind Valley
  21. Silent Undersea Ruins
  22. The Ancient Tree's Beat
  23. Dark Zone
  24. Cyclone
  25. Nose Dive
  26. Devil's Tango
  27. Eyes of the Dragon
  28. Today's Guts Pose
  29. I'll Announce it!
  30. Atelier Rorona ~Ballad~
  31. A Mysterious Recipe
  32. Falling, The Star Light ~Karaoke~
  33. A Mysterious Recipe ~Karaoke~
  • Total Time: 71'47"

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