Bartholomaus Platane

Bartholomaus (PS2) Bartholomaus's appearance in the original PS2 version.

Bartholomaus (PSP)Bartholomaus's appearance in the renewed PSP version.

Japanese Name バルトロメウス・プラターネ (バルテル)

Barthlomaus Puratane

Birthday May 16
Age 18
Height 171cm (5 '​7 '​ '​)
Weight 62kg (136.68 lbs)
Family Violet Platane (Sister)
Weapon Small sword, sword, great sword.
Appears In Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2
Voice Jun'ichi Kanemaru

This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Bartholomaus "Bartel" Platane is a supporting character in Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Bartholomaus (known as "Bartel") is the older brother to Violet, and has assumed a parent's role in protecting his sister. He lives in the small village of Karotte where he works to support himself and Viorate. He wishes to become rich fast, but doesn't like to work and skips out on hard work whenever he can.

His best friend Rodefried Santar helps Bartholomaus to practice his swordsmanship, although he is jealous at times of Rodefried's wealth and abilities. He has a crush on the mayor's daughter Klara


Bartholomaus is the older brother of the main character Violet. The player can hire him as clerk for the store for no fee or add him to the party. He can also participate in the village auction.


Bartholomaus can be equipped with three different kinds of weapons in battle, small sword category, sword category, and great sword category, weapons.


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description
ルックスシュベート Starting level. 36 (LP)
敵前大逃亡 10 10 (LP)
愛情物語 Starting level. 48 (LP) Co-attack with Violet
ブロッキング Starting level N/A Protects Violet or Klara from damage.

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