Bomb Ice

A11 item 068

Bomb Ice in Atelier Rorona, Totori, and Meruru.

A14 Bomb Ice

Bomb Ice in Atelier Ayesha, Escha and Logy, and Shallie.

Level 12 (Atelier Rorona)
14 (Atelier Totori)
17 (Atelier Meruru)
10 (Atelier Ayesha)
18 (Shallie)
Item Category Bomb
Days 0.8 (Atelier Rorona)
1 (Atelier Totori/Meruru)
Energy Required 7HP (Atelier Meruru)
5MP (Atelier Totori)
4MP (Atelier Meruru)
Recipe Atelier Rorona

Snow Stone x2, Gunpowder x1, Supplement x1
Atelier Totori
Snow Stone x1, Gunpowder x1, Supplement x1
Atelier Meruru
Snow Stone x2, Gunpowder x1, Supplement x1
Atelier Ayesha
Water Crystal x1, Liquid x1, Supplement x1

Skills Atelier Rorona/Totori
Water Damage S, Water Damage M, Water Damage L, Flowing Magic
Atelier Meruru
Ice S, Flowing Magic
Atelier Ayesha
Critical Slow, I Damage S, I damage M, I RES Decrease, Intertwine Foot
Base Cost 180 cole (Atelier Rorona)
111 cole (Atelier Meruru)
Buy From Pamela's Shop (Atelier Rorona)
Unlock Cute Bombs (Atelier Rorona)

Bomb Ice is one of the recurring basic attack items that has appeared in nearly every Atelier game to date. When used, it inflicts small to medium ice damage to multiple opponents and is usually slightly stronger than the Bomb.

Mana KhemiaEdit

After the Bomb has been synthesized for the first time, it will trigger a scene where Vayne learns about Jess' love for bombs and learns the recipe for Bomb Ice from her.

Atelier RoronaEdit

"A bomb the freezes the area instantly when used. A powerful one can freeze an entire river."
Atelier Rorona description

Bomb Ice is a single targeting attack item that does ice damage. When carried in Rorona's inventory, she can use it to destroy rock obstacles out on the world map. Bomb Ice can also be used to freeze over bodies of water to access new areas on the world map. The recipe book that contains the recipe for Bomb Ice can be found at the Beefy Weapon Shop during Assignment 4. Rorona is required to make Bomb Ice and Spring Cups for the completion of Assignment 7.

Bomb Ice can be registered at Hagel's shop using Wholesale. Esty may request Bomb Ice at the castle as part of one of the available Front Quests. Cole may request this as well as one of his Friend Quests

Atelier TotoriEdit

"An icy bomb in the shape of a snowman. It may look cute, but touch it and your appendage will freeze through. Hurling it at the enemy makes it burst."
Atelier Totori description

Bomb Ice is required in order to make the upgraded attack item, Bomber Ice

Atelier MeruruEdit

"It's really cute, like a snowman. But it's still a bomb. It's super cold, and you can freeze monsters when you hit them with it."
Atelier Meruru description

Bomb Ice is an attack item that can be thrown at enemies during battle. They are slightly more powerful than the Bomb, and uses the power of ice instead of fire. It will attack a single target in battle.

It uses very little energy, requires little time to make, and the ingredients for it can be found at the nearby Arls National Mine. Gino requests these at the tavern from time to time. 

Atelier AyeshaEdit

"A very cold bomb that freezes whatever it touches. You get frostbite from touching it, so handle with care."
Atelier Ayesha description

Bomb Ice serves a similar purpose to the Bomb Ice in the Arland series. However, its appearance in Atelier Ayesha has changed, and it now appears more as an explosive type bomb than as a snowman. 

Atelier Escha & LogyEdit

Atelier ShallieEdit

"A special bomb that converts heat into negative values when it explodes. When lit it expands while freezing the nearby atmosphere before exploding. "
Atelier Shallie description


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