Cabbage Soup
A11 item 086
Level 1
Item Category Cooking
Days 0.2
Energy Required 10
Recipe Forest Cabbage x1, Water x1
Skills Tasty Recovery XS, Tasty Recovery S
Base Cost 26 cole
Buy From Sunrise Cafe, Cole's Shop
Unlock First Cookbook
"Arland's specialty. 99% of it is made from Cabbage. You're only supposed to use the bitter part of Cabbage. It tastes bad, but it's good for you."
Atelier Rorona Description

Cabbage Soup is a food item in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

A soup that can be used to recover small amounts of health inside and outside of battle. The recipe can be found in a book that Iksel will sell at the Sunrise Cafe during Assignment 1. Iksel will also have Cabbage Soup as part of his inventory at the Sunrise Cafe.

Tantris and Iksel will sometimes request high quality Cabbage Soup as available Friend Quests. Esty may also request Cabbage Soup at the Castle as an available Front QuestCole may randomly sell Cabbage Soup as part of his inventory during one of his monthly sales.

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