Synthesis Category Vegetable, Seasoning, Supplement
Gathering Location Moyori Forest, Endless Corridor
Monster Drop Carrot Bunny, Prickly Bunny, Iron Bunny
Buy From Hanna's Shop
"The king of all veggies, the noble carrot. It's extremely healthy and works in an array of meals. Grill it, stew it, eat it raw. There's a world of options!"
Atelier Meruru description

Carrots are a material in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland and Atelier Violet: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Atelier Violet Edit

Carrots are one of the most common materials in Atelier Violet. A large but not unlimited amount of carrots can also be obtained for free from the boxes next to the well outside of the workshop.

Carrots as a material also have a notable role in the game as Violet will express happiness when one is recieved as payment, and obtaining carrots can even trigger an event.

Atelier Meruru Edit

They are an extremely common item found in the nearby Moyori Forest. Various bunny type enemies also drop carrots. Carrots can also be purchased from Hanna's shop in Arls.

During the Moyori Forest III development quest, Meruru can pick an almost unlimited amount of carrots from Moyori Forest before treating the area with Herbicide. Carrots are also used in the Crimson Dye recipe.

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