Dear Element
Dear Element
Level 45
Type Elemental
Health 3600
Defense 89
Attack 99
Speed 110
Skills Jewel Storm, Jewel Stomp, Jewel Splash, Supersonic Arrow, Healing Light
Locations Farthest Garden
Item(s) Dropped Azure Wing, Undying Wind
"A spirit that surrounds itself with beautiful green jewels. It's indifferent toward humans - until you get too close. Then it'll attack you without mercy."
Atelier Meruru Description

The Dear Element is a boss monster in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

A high level elemental enemy found only at the Farthest Garden. Meruru will get a monster hunting kingdom development quest named "Ancient Spirit" to hunt the Dear Element after the kingdom reaches rank VIII.

This is a difficult monster hunting request, as the Dear Element is a worthy advesary. It is physically strong, very defensable and also fast. The Dear Element attacks quite frequently, quite often twice in the same turn. 

Has an array of different skills and attacks. "Supersonic Arrow" will hit all party members with a devastating physical attack that will also lower the party's stats. "Jewel Splash" is a multi targeting physical attack. "Jewel Stomp" is a single target physical attack which can also put a target to sleep. "Healing Light" can heal the Dear Element's health by a few hundred points.

It it highly recommended to bring high level healing and attack items to help with this fight. When defeated, it is the only enemy in the game capable of dropping the Azure Wing.  

Similar to the Jewel Element enemy from Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

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