Dimension Bomb
Dimension bomb
Level 40
Item Category Bomb
Days  ?? Days
Energy Required Buried Bomb x2, Jet Black Cube x1, (Paper) x1, (Medicine) x1
Recipe Third Twilight
Skills 4D Damage, Induces Changes, Set % Damage, D. Explosion, MP Consume S2, MP Consume M, Stops Movement, Hit Vitals
"A bomb that vanishes into another dimension when thrown."
— Atelier Escha & Logy Description

The Dimension Bomb is an attack item found only in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.


  • 4D Damage: Deals fire, water, wind, and earth damage to the target. (10-15 Fire)
  • Induces Changes: Afflicts the target with a random status effect out of Poison, Blindness, Slow, or Weakness. (40-90 Fire)
  • Set % Damage: Deals a fixed amount of damage to the target, ignoring defenses. The effect is very large. (90-100)
  • D. Explosion: Detonates an ancient bomb, dealing massive fire damage. (0-100 Water)
  • MP Consume S2: Consumes a massive percentage of max MP. (0-30 Wind)
  • MP Consume S:
  • MP Consume M: Consumes a fair amount of MP. The effect will cause Weakness if the MP is insufficient. (50-100 Wind)
  • Stops Movement: Delays the target's next turn by a fair amount. This effect decreases until the target has another turn. (30-70 Earth)
  • Hit Vitals: Can instantly kill the target if it's HP is below a certain amount. Some enemies are immune to this. (70-100 Earth)


  • Critical+: Item has a 25% chance to critically hit. (4 PP)
  • Inherit PP+3: PP will increase by 3 when this item is used in Synthesis. (2 PP)
  • Effect Up++: Increases effect power of synthesized items by 20%. (4 PP)
  • Destruction Up++: Increases effect of Attack items by 30%. (3 PP)
  • Dimensional Gap: Drags the target between dimensions, pushing their turn back. (10 PP)


  • Fire Bonus x5: Fire attribute x5



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