Drnie Portrait
Drnie in Atelier Marie.

Drnie (Elie)
Drnie in Atelier Elie.

Drnie (Lillie)
Drnie in Atelier Lilie.

Japanese Name ドルニエ
Age 60 (Atelier Marie)

66 (Atelier Elie)
40 (Atelier Lilie)

Occupation Headmaster/Alchemist
Height 168 cm (5 '​6 '​ '​)
Appears In Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg

Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2
Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3
Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze

This article features a character who is in a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Drnie (/doɾɯᵝnʲie/, romanized as "Dornier" in the Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist manga) is a character in who appears in all three games in the Salburg series: Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of SalburgAtelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2, and Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3

He also appears in Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze.  

Role in Atelier MarieEdit

Drnie is the headmaster of the Salburg Academy. His skills in alchemy are the best in the entire kingdom, although it may not seem like it with his age.

He came to Salburg from El Bador long ago alongside Ingrid, Hermina and Lilie. Because he is from El Bador, his irises are two different colors. He has a love of alchemy and watches over his students carefully.

In the winter of the first year, Marie may run into Drnie when she visits the academy. If she pursues him, Drnie will disappear into a secret room in the library. By discovering this secret room, Marie will gain access to many high level spell books that are only available to read by visiting this secret room.

If the player does not follow Drnie during their first encounter, the secret room will become unavailable. 

Role in Atelier ElieEdit

Drnie is still working as the headmaster of the Salburg Academy.

Eventually rumors of that a ghost of an old man haunts the academy's library start to spread. If the player investigates the rumor and the library, Elie will discover Drnie's new secret study. In exchange for not revealing the room's location to others, Elie is allowed to come visit and read the valuable books there.

Role in Atelier LilieEdit

Drnie has a much more substantial role in Atelier Lilie; he is Lilie's direct mentor figure and is trying to establish the academy seen in "later" titles. As such, he can be constantly found in the atelier. He, Lilie, Ingrid, and Hermina share and play a major role in the plot.

If the player chooses to mentor Ingrid, he will mentor Hermina, and vice versa. He remains unplayable, however.

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