A11 item 040
Synthesis Category Plant, Threads, Mystery, Supplement (Atelier Rorona)

Plant, Flower, Medic. Herb (Atelier Ayesha)

Trait Great w/Plants, Dirt Soul (Atelier Ayesha)
Property Recovery, Save Predicament (Atelier Ayesha)
Gathering Location Dark Woods (Atelier Rorona)

Yggdrasil, Hidden Paradise-Wind (Atelier Ayesha)

Monster Drop Grow Plantze (Atelier Rorona)

Deep Woods Spirit, Sham Linca (Atelier Ayesha)

Buy From Nio's Shop (Atelier Ayesha)

Dunkelheit is one of the most common recurring items within the Atelier Series. It first appeared as early as in the first installment, Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg.

It was originally a flower that only bloomed during the yearly sun eclipse, but throughout the series its circumstances of obtainment has varied.

Salburg Series Edit

Dunkelheit is a rare ingredient that only blooms on 18th June every year. A sun eclipse occurs upon Salburg on this day and Dunkelheit flowers can be obtained in the closest forest to town. Notably, this day is also Elfir Traum's birthday.

Atelier Violet Edit

Dunkelheit is a rare plant material that can be either gathered or grown in the garden with the right kind of seed. It's used to make the Ruby Prism (Philosopher's Stone).

Atelier Rorona Edit

"A flower that only blossoms during a certain time of the year. It's been used as a secret ingredient by witches. Shhh. Don't tell anyone..."
Atelier Rorona description

The Dunkelheit is an extremely rare flower that can only be obtained in a few ways. It can only be gathered in Dark Woods (Miracle Forest Zone) during month 11, Year 2 or 3. Otherwise, the best place to get them is from the Grow Plantze at Orthogalaxen. If you equip the Victory Charm accessory, the drop rate for Dunkelheit will increase dramatically.

Rorona's parents give her a Dunkelheit as a gift in month 7 of year 3, if she goes to her home and visits them. It is used to create the Dunkelpiet as well as the Ruby Prism.

Esty may request a Dunkelheit from the castle as one of the available Front Quests, but given the rarity of the item, this is not recommended.

Atelier AyeshaEdit

"A rare flower that that blooms only once a year during a full moon. It withers the next day. It's romantic, but super useful!"
Atelier Ayesha description

In Atelier Ayesha, the Dunkelheit is a rare LV.24 synthesis item that only appears after rescuing Nio by defeating the Deep Woods Spirit in Yggdrasil.

Nio also sells this item in her shop during the Bazaar for only 300 cole and it can be purchased more than once.

Atelier Escha & LogyEdit

They are required to make Elixirs

Atelier ShallieEdit

They are required to make Elixirs

Atelier Sophie Edit


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