Ear Puni
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Level 13 (Atelier Rorona)

12 (Atelier Totori)

Type Puni
Health 170 (Atelier Rorona)

70 (Atelier Totori)

Defense 46 (Atelier Rorona)

8 (Atelier Totori)

Attack 69 (Atelier Rorona)

26 (Atelier Totori)

Speed 53 (Atelier Rorona)

8 (Atelier Totori)

Skills Attack, Ear Rollin', Mimi Rollin', Call Ally
Locations Atelier Rorona

Traveler's Way
Atelier Totori
Stein Hill, Ancient Monastery, Alanya West Ruins, Arland Area, Northern Ruins, Southwest Peninsula

Item(s) Dropped Puniball
Audra's Tail (Atelier Rorona)

The Ear Puni is a reccuring monster in the Arland series.

Atelier RoronaEdit

" A new type of Puni with two horns. The body is still soft, but the horns will hurt if you get hit with them."
Atelier Roronadescription

Atelier TotoriEdit

"A Puni that grew rabbit ears for some reason. Nobody knows how growing ears turned it into something so powerful. Its grin will haunt your dreams."
Atelier Totori description
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