A11 item 097

Elixir in Atelier Rorona, Totori, and Meruru.

A16 Elixir

Elixir in Atelier Escha and Logy and Shallie.

Item Category Medicine

Elixir is a powerful healing item and one of the most famous items found in several games in the series.

Atelier AnnieEdit

Elixir is the strongest healing item in the game. As well as healing every party member's health to max, it also brings back their skills. The Item Almanac lists Elixir as item #14.

To synthesize this item you need an Athena Salve, an Alchemy Ash, and Belladonna. It takes two days to make a single Elixir. The recipe for it can be found in Master's Recipe.

Atelier RoronaEdit

"An almighty potion that fixes all kinds of symptoms. If you can synthesize this, you must be a top-class alchemist."
Atelier Rorona description

The Elixir recipe can be found in a recipe book found at Nabel Lake. It is a highly effective healing item that requires a high alchemy level to make. It can used to heal large amounts of HP in battle, to heal any status ailments, and also to revive KO'd party members. It can only be used on a single party member at one time, and can be used inside and outside of battle.

Elixirs can be registered at Tiffani's store using the Wholesale option for quick access. They are used to make the Pielixir pie, as well as the extremely rare Ruby Prism.

It's also possible to make a lot of money through Esty, as she may request these at the castle as an available Front Quest and pays well for completing the request. 

Level Days Energy Recipe Skills Cost Unlock
37 10 10HP Elixir x1, Nectar x1, Medicine x1 HP Recovery L, HP Recovery XL, HP Restore L, KO Recovery L, Ailment Recovery 424 cole Hermes Collection

Atelier TotoriEdit

"A miraculous potion created via alchemy capable of curing anything. As expected, it's difficult to make and the ingredients are hard to come by."
Atelier Totori description
Level Days Energy Recipe Skills Cost Unlock
50 5 75 MP Elixir x1, Nectar x1, Sage Herb x1, Healing x1 HP Recovery L, HP Recovery XL, KO Recovery M, KO Recovery L, HP Healing L, MP Recovery XL, Ailment Recovery

Atelier MeruruEdit

"The best healing potion in the history of alchemy. It can cure just about anything! You'll need the best materials and skills to make it, though."
Atelier Meruru description

The Elixir is a high level healing item that is among one of the most effective in the game. Like the Auto Alarm, it is capable of reviving a KO'd character and can heal HP, MP and LP. However, it's healing capabilities go beyond that and can heal a large amount of HP and LP. Additionally, it can also recover status ailments. When a KO'd character is revived, they will be revived with a large amount of HP.

It is also a key item in creating the Potion of Youth.

Level Days Energy Recipe Skills Cost Unlock
45 5 23 MP Elixir x3, Nectar x2, Sage Herb x1, Medicine x1 HP Recovery L, HP Recovery XL, KO Recovery L, Ailment Recovery, LP Recovery L, ??? 1,050 cole

Atelier Escha & LogyEdit

"An extremely powerful medicine that heals just about anything."
Atelier Escha & Logy description

The Elixir is the strongest item in the game and can be obtained through the recipe, "Time & Life". Although, there is a much stronger variation of this item called Elixir Base, which can only be found on Geosis while still in the sky.

Level Days Recipe Skills Unlock
37 8 Dunkelheit x1, Elixir x1, Liquid x1, Mystery x1 Recover KOS2, Aliments Down M, MP Recovery S, HP Regen S Time & Life

Atelier ShallieEdit

"A secret medicine packed with the knowledge of ancient alchemy. Legends and rumors surrounding it say that drinking it will grant immortality. Superior techniques and abundant knowledge are vital in its creation."
Atelier Shallie description

The Elixir is the strongest healing item in the game and can be obtained though the recipe, "Forgotten Arts" which can be bought from Escha's shop for 3000 Cole in chapter 8 and requires the protagonists' alchemy level to be 74+ in order to synthesize.

Level Category Frames Element Recipe Skills Book
74 Medicine 4 All element +25
  • Dunkelheit x1
  • (Water) x1
  • (Mystery) x1
  • (Elixir) x1


  • Row 1: MP Recovery XXL [0-20]|MP Recovery XL [85-100]
  • Row 2: Undead Power [25-35]|Recover KO L [90-100]


  • Lighten Aliments L [0-40]|Cure All [70-80]


  • HP Recovery L [0-45]|HP Recovery XL [70-90]|HP Recovery XXL [90-100]
Forgotten Arts
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