Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Esty's character events necessary to obtain the "Certain Sisters" trophy in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

Events in Atelier MeruruEdit

  1. Upon the first development of Hart Outpost, head to Hart Outpost to meet Esty. She will join the party after discovering Quelei Forest and speaking to Rufus.
    Esty's Friend Events (Atelier Meruru)39:49

    Esty's Friend Events (Atelier Meruru)

    Esty's Ending03:37

    Esty's Ending

  2. While Esty is in the party, speak to Filly.
  3. An event will occur after finishing a battle with Esty in the party.
  4. A day after synthesizing the Potion of Youth, an event with Esty will occur.
  5. When Esty's friendship is 20+, an event will trigger at the Workshop.
  6. Head to the Tavern when Esty's friendship is 30+.
  7. Return to the Tavern once more after Esty's friendship is 35+.
  8. Starting Year 2 1/1, when Esty's friendship is 40+, go to the Workshop.
  9. At Namiki Road, an event will trigger if Esty's friendship is 45+.
  10. Head to Artisan's Way when Esty's friendship is 50+.
  11. When Esty's friendship is 55+, speak with to her.
  12. Speak to Esty again at least fifteen days after the previous event for Esty's final event, when her friendship is 60+.


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