Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Lias's character events necessary to obtain the trophy "Brothers Together" in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier MeruruEdit

  1. Visit Artisan's Way when Lias's friendship is 5+.
  2. Enter any area with Lias in the party when his friendship is 10+.
    Lias's Friend Events40:04

    Lias's Friend Events

    Lias's Ending (Atelier Meruru)08:50

    Lias's Ending (Atelier Meruru)

  3. When Lias's friendship is 15+, go to the Workshop.
  4. Go to the Castle when Lias's friendship is 20+.
  5. Head to the Study when Lias's friendship is 25+.
  6. When Lia's friendship is 30+, return to the Castle.
  7. Go to the Workshop once Lias's friendship is 35+.
  8. Head to the Castle Gate when Lias's friendship is 40+.
  9. Return to Arls while Lias's friendship is 45+.
  10. An event will occur at the Workshop when Lias is not in the party and his friendship is 50+. He will need a Healing Salve.
  11. Starting Year 2 10/1, an event will occur at the Workshop when Lias's friendship is 55+.
  12. One month after the previous event, Lias will have another event at the Workshop when his friendship is 60+.
  13. Once Sterk is available, head to the Castle Gate when Lias's friendship is 65+.
  14. After the previous event, head to the Workshop when Lias's friendship is 70+. Then go to the Study.
  15. After reaching Kingdom Rank V, finish a battle with Lias in the party. Rufus must not be in the party. He will learn his "Bad Under Fire" skill.
  16. When Lias's friendship is 80+, speak to Rufus, and then go to the World Map with Lias in the party. Lias will engage in a solo fight against three Prickly Bunnies. His final event occurs directly afterward.


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