Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Marc's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier TotoriEdit

  1. Starting 1/6/1, travel to the Buried Ruins to meet Marc.
  2. Head to the Calamitous Mountain after hitting Iron Rank.
  3. Return to Arland. Then go speak with Cordelia. The following day, an event will occur at either Atelier.
  4. Starting 2/1/1, visit the Weapon Shop. (Need a certain amount of friendship)
  5. Head to the Sunrise Cafe after fifteen days have passed since the previous event.
  6. Thirty days later, head to Artisan's Way when Marc's friendship is 40+.
  7. Thirty days after the previous event, head back to Artisan's Way when Marc's friendship is 45+.
  8. Thirty days following the previous event, return to Artisan's Way when Marc's friendship is 50+.
  9. Starting 4/1/1, head to Atelier Rorona when Marc's friendship is 60+ and his level is 30.
  10. Take Marc to the Promised Land and defeat Iron Giant.
  11. Two days after the previous event, Marc's final event will be triggered at Atelier Rorona.


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