Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Melvia's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier TotoriEdit

  1. Go adventuring with Melvia in the party.
  2. When Melvia's friendship is 50+, go out adventuring once more with her in the party.
  3. Starting 4/6/1, speak with Melvia when her friendship is 60+.
  4. Go talk to Ceci.
  5. Thirty days after the previous event, invite Ceci to go adventuring with you while Melvia is in your party.
  6. After another thirty days pass, invite Ceci out again.
  7. Thirty days after the last invitation, take Ceci adventuring with you one last time. Defeat the three Scarlets with only Totori.
  8. Defeat Evil Face.

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