Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Totori's character events necessary to obtain the "Atelier Totori: Current" trophy in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier MeruruEdit

Totori's Friend Events40:18

Totori's Friend Events

Totori Ending (Atelier Meruru)-004:45

Totori Ending (Atelier Meruru)-0

  1. After Year 1 1/1, an event will occur in the Workshop.
  2. One month after the previous event, an event will trigger after synthesizing.
  3. Synthesize a Chim Doll. It is not necessary to give it to Totori when she asks for it.
  4. After Rorona is available as a party member, synthesize at the Workshop.
  5. When Totori's friendship is 25+, an event will occur in the Workshop.
  6. After reaching a friendship level of 40+, head to the Study.
  7. Go to the Town Outskirts when Totori's friendship is 45+.
  8. At a friendship level of 50+, an event will trigger at the Workshop.
  9. Two events will occur at the Workshop when Totori's friendship is 70+. One day will pass after this.
  10. When Totori's friendship is 80+, her final event will trigger at the Workshop. Mimi, Gino, and Sterk's friendship levels must also be at 30+.


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