"A mysterious space that seems endless."
— Map Description

The Endless Corridor is a location in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

The Endless Corridor is a mysterious area that seems heavily influenced by alchemy. It's design is that of a giant library, and it has a wide array of monsters and gatherable items. It is unique in the fact that all ingredients gathered throughout the course of the game can be found here randomly at any random quality. The dungeon is large and is split up into several different libraries.

While Meruru is investigating the ingredients needed for the Potion of Youth, she reads about a mysterious demon in a book that she finds which she needs to defeat in order to make the potion. Soon afterwards, Astrid will brag about being the one to seal away the demon mentioned in the book. After Meruru examines the mysterious table at the Modis Ruins, Astrid will then talk about the Endless Corridor. After Astrid tells Meruru of the Endless Corridor's location, it will be accessible in 14 days time. It is the eastern most location on the map, very near to the Modis Ruins.

The Twilight Maiden inhabits the deepest part of the Endless Corridor and needs to be defeated in order to obtain the Abyssal Soul needed for the Potion of Youth. After its defeat, other strong maidens (the Void Maiden, Hell Maiden, and Eternity Goddess) will be available to fight. These bosses do not count for any of the endings and are strictly an optional challenge.

Map InformationEdit

Name Ingredients Enemies
Endless Corridor All (Randomized) Warlord, Guardian, Phantom Knight, Scare Phantom, Black Demon, Flamare, T. Bomb Squirrel, Twilight Maiden, Void Maiden, Hell Maiden, Eternity Goddess

Development QuestsEdit

Main article: Kingdom Ranks (Atelier Meruru)
  • Twilight Maiden
  • Void Maiden
  • Hell Maiden
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