Firis Mistlud
Japanese Name フィリス・ミストルート
Age 15 (A18)
19 (A19)
Occupation Alchemist
Height 159cm (5 '​2 '​ '​) (A19)
Family Lukas Mistlud (Father)
Nicola Mistlud (Mother)
Liane Mistlud (Sister)
Weapon Staff (Atelier Firis)
Bow (Atelier Lydie & Suelle)
Appears In Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
Voice Kaede Hondo (Japanese)
Faye Mata (English)

Firis Mistlud is the protagonist of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey and a playable character in Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.

Firis is a girl from a closed off mining town. Longing to travel the outside world, she learns alchemy from the visiting Sophie Neuenmuller. She has a special ability that allows her to tell where ore is buried.

Role in Atelier FirisEdit

Firis is the main protagonist and player character of Atelier Firis. She initially works as a miner and because of her special ability she has never had to use a pickaxe to find ore.

She realizes that with the capabilities of alchemy even she, who has no physical combat ability to defend herself from monsters with, can survive in the outside world. Her parents then allows her to leave the village with one condition - before she is allowed to truly freely travel the outside world she must first travel to Reisenberg and pass the alchemist exam within one year. She is supported by her sister Liane Mistlud during this journey.

After the exam, Firis briefly works as an alchemist in her hometown but soon develops a wish to return to travelling. Firis can then set out into the world without a deadline and by the players actions, find different paths to take in life (endings).

Firis also has several different costumes available throughout the game. The costumes each have an effect on the gameplay attached to them, such as improving harvest results or movement speed. In New Game+ mode, all effects will be active at the same time no matter what costume the player picks for Firis.

Role in Atelier Lydie & Suelle Edit

During the 4 years, she traveled to all kinds of different places and loves traveling more than anyone. She has grown much taller and looks more like an adult. Her friendly personality that makes her easy to get along with is still the same, but those around her tend to view her as too childish for her age. Her skills as an alchemist has also grown formidably, and has a flourishing atelier that she opened in Merveille. She learned how to use a bow from her older sister Liane, and trains as a hunter.


In Atelier Firis, Firis can only equip staff-type weapons and cannot wield a secondary weapon. She can use the widest range of items out of all the playable characters, with the exception of a few items locked to Sophie. In Lydie & Suelle she fights with a bow and can use both healing and attacking items.


Costumes Edit

Zealous Explorer Edit

This costume saves LP in desert-type maps and makes the effect of Air Drops last longer. It's obtained from an event in Flussheim. Liane buys this for Firis from Mea's shop.

Snow Bright Edit

Saves LP in snow-type maps. It's obtained from a quest in Flocke.

Alchemist's Dress Edit

Will add additional lines to the grid when synthesizing. This dress was made by Firis' mother for the exam. It's obtained from an event in the Atelier Tent.

Pure Flora Edit

This costume reduces the price of buying items at shops and increases the value of items when selling. It can be bought from Nanna's shop in Reisenberg and costs 20 000 Cole. It was made by an award-winning tailor and Firis hopes that it will make her look more grown up.

Fox Trek Edit

This costume makes Firis move faster. It's obtained from Aurelie, who wore this in the past back when she was young and took on the alchemist exam.

Resort Vacation Edit

One of the costumes available only as DLC. It increases the chance of finding better materials. In Japan, a code for this costume came bundled with the first print edition of the game.

Ritual Cleric Edit

A DLC costume.

Sky Blue Papillon Edit

A bikini costume that is available as DLC.



  • She has a strong dislike of vegetables.
  • Other characters in the game tend to find her idea of cuteness to be strange.