A15 Flameu
Japanese Name フラメウ(Furameu)
Height 140cm
Appears In Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Voice Kana Akutsu
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Level 50
Type Alchemic body
Health Level 50
Level 65
Level 75
Level 85
Level 99
Defense Level 50
Level 65
Level 75
Level 85
Level 99
Attack Level 50
Level 65
Level 75
Level 85
Level 99
Speed Level 50
Level 65
Level 75
Level 85
Level 99
Resistance Level 50
Water (30), Fire (30), Wind (30), Earth (30)
Level 65
Water (40), Fire (40), Wind (40), Earth (40)
Level 75
Water (50), Fire (50), Wind (50), Earth (50)
Level 85
Water (50), Fire (50), Wind (50), Earth (50)
Level 99
Water (50), Fire (50), Wind (50), Earth (50)
Skills Sterilize, Genesis Thorns, Guardian Bee's Fury, Flash Frost, Four Seasons, Eternal Winter, Fall Begins, Winter Begins, Spring Begins, Summer Begins
Locations Fallen Sky Ruin
Item(s) Dropped Level 50
Exp: 2900 Cole: 2600

Flameu is the main antagonist of Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Flameu is a traveler of Geosis and alchemist who became the managing elementary body of research facility Geosis (The Unexplored Ruins). Several hundred years ago, she took the form of a human and also became unaging. She is usually seen floating, and can disappear and appear as from thin air. Her existence is mostly shrouded in mystery and she rarely interacts with humans[1]

Several hundred years ago, she used to research inside of The Unexplored Ruins together with Clone and many comrades. Flameu reached the conclusion that when humans where there, correct results could not be obtained. Since humans didn't co-operate with her, she stopped relying on humans and carried The Unexplored Ruins to the sky alone, where humans could not reach and continued to research how to stop the earth from dying on her own. She also made Clone a promise, valuable to them both, that she would investigate why the earth was dying and once she finds out why, she would return to the place Clone is in and they would eat apples together. Despite that she appears to have lost many of her memories and forgotten the details of their promise, she keeps trying to fulfill it by using Geosis, even considering it her reason for living.

Flameu also bears a striking resemblance to the main character of the picture book series Clone drew and based on Flameu's promise - The Great Adventure of the Hummingbird Princess. The story of the Hummingbird Princess tells of a cute girl known as the Hummingbird Princess, long, long ago. The Hummingbird Princess was very wise and popular, but also a little selfish. The princess claimed to know about all mysterious things, no matter what. After Flameu disappears, Clone tells Escha and Logy that thanks to them, the The Great Adventure of the Hummingbird Princess truly ended, and that they will surely meet Flameu someday again as long as Geosis functions in the world.

Role in Atelier Escha & LogyEdit

Flameu is the final boss in the main story Atelier Escha & Logy, and the main antagonist of the game. She intends to save the land by using Geosis, not realizing the mistakes in her research and that it might bring great ruin to the land. Determined to not let humans interfere, she is even ready to use violence to keep Escha and Logy away.

Although she is not encountered in person until Escha and Logy reaches the depths of the Unexplored Ruin, she is present in the game in other forms, such as in the The Great Adventure of the Hummingbird Princess picture book series. Flameu is also depicted in a stone tablet, that it's possible to find all parts of and put together. If all parts have been found, Clone will tell Escha and Logy about Flameu.

Nio Altugle can hear her voice in Colseit, perhaps because Nio was in a similar state as her during the events of Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. Once Flameu encounters Nio in person, she calls Nio "Miss Cradle".

Escha and Logy encounters Flameu in person inside the depths of The Unexplored Ruins,  and she soon calls for the ruin's guardian, Gullveig, to fight them. The guardian doesn't arrive until Escha and Logy encounter Flameu again deeper in the ruins, though. After the battle, Flameu starts Geosis's functions, and cancels the orbit control of the ruin's satellite state, in order to put her plan into action. The ruin soon collapses and falls down to the ground.

Giant flowers appears to have started blooming in the place where The Unexplored Ruins fell down. Once when the remains of the ruin has been located, it's possible to travel there. Within the ruin, Flameu is once again encountered, determined to fulfill her promise. A battle against Flameu will occur, and Flameu's strength will be determined by certain points inside the area have been destroyed or not prior to entering the deepest area where Flameu is encountered. There are 5 variations of Flameu's strength, reaching from level 50 to level 99.

After Flameu's defeat and disappearance, Escha and Logy can encounter Flameu in the apple orchard, where the first Geosis was made. After a friendly chat, Flameu gives them a "new life", that will grow into a flower, before once again disappearing. Escha takes on the responsibility to take care of it, for the purpose that she and Flameu one day will be able to look at the blooming flower together.


  • A silhouette of Flameu's illustration was showed during Machi★Asobi vol.10 (マチ★アソビ vol.10) prior to her reveal in the magazine Dengeki Playstation (電撃PlayStation, dengeki playstation).


  1. Rinne Liblo

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