Flora Pixie
Flora Pixie
Level 38
Type Elemental
Health 410
Defense 81
Attack 70
Speed 59
Skills Attack, Awakening Earth
Locations Ent Forest, Endless Corridor, Marshtree Road
Item(s) Dropped Sage Herb, Spirit Pyroxene, Undying Wind

"A spirit that lives in nature-y areas. They're usually happy and peaceful, but they get really upset if they catch you pulling up grass or cutting down trees."
Atelier Meruru description

Flora Pixies are an enemy found in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

They are the strongest level of pixie enemy. They are a fairly well rounded enemy with good defense, attack power and speed.

They will use an "earth awakening" spell which will attack the party with earth elemental damage. Otherwise, they only have the ability to physically attack the party.

They are encountered at Marshtree Road near Quelei Forest and at Ent Forest. Like all pixie enemies, they have a chance of dropping Spirit Pyroxene.

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