Flussheim (フルスハイム, Furusuhaimu) is a village in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

A lakeside town that has strong power in marine transportation and sightseeing. The warm climate influences the town to have many warm people to live there, because there are adventures and sightseers, it's a town where various information can be gathered. Many characters are residents of this town, and because of the circumstances in the storyline, all characters heading to the exam is Reisenberg are encountered here. Ren Breitner is the licensed alchemist of this town.

When Firis first reaches Flussheim, marine transportation is impossible because of a great tornado. The player cannot advance from Flussheim until they synthesize a special ship that can cross the tornado. Also, it's not until the player has crossed the sea that a recommendation letter from Ren can be obtained.



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