"Lush hills as far as the eye can see."
— Map Description

Grassland Hill is a location in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

A large grassy field located south west of Vierzeberg. Only accessible if the Old Coal Mine has been cleared. An event with Nanaca and Juris will take place here.

This is the first area that stronger enemies will show up, so it is recommended to only go to this area after reaching level 15 or higher with upgraded equipment.

Map InformationEdit

Name Ingredients Enemies
Grassland Hill Moon Leaf, Big Bone, Purple Flower, Ripe Fruit Butterfly Lizard, Yellow Elemental


  • Pick Grassland Hill (5): Gather ingredients at Grassland Hill (15+ gathers).
  • Grassland Hill Hunt (5): Hunt all monsters at Grassland Hill.

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