The Grow Book is another unique feature that GUST featured in Mana Khemia series. Grow Book allows respectyive characters to learn exclusive skills. Furthermore, the Grow Book allows characters to develop their HP and SP gauge as a replacement for the leveling system.

To complete the Grow Book, players must synthesize the required items. In exchange for the EXP characters usually gain after battle, players will obtain AP Points needed to develop the Grow Book. There is also a strict rule in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis to develop the Grow Book; Roxis, for example, cannot learn certain skills because he does not have a contract with Mana. However, once the player progresses far enough on his Character Quest, he will make a pact with Mana and be permitted to learn those skills.

In Mana Khemia 2, the Grow Book returns and is broken into three sections:

  • The first section is the for weapons, armor, and accessories available for each character.
  • The second section is for Mana items, such as Heal Jar, X Heal and Heal All.
  • The third section is for ingredients such as Black Steel, Red Steel, etc.

Additionally, the Grow Book differs depending on the character's base.

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