Heinz Freihorn
Cha 33 illust01
A young man who believes in himself[1]
Japanese Name ハインツ・フライホルン
Haintsu Furaihorun
Age 16
Occupation Nomad(traveler)
Appears In Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Voice Yuuto Suzuki

Heinz Freihorn is a character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

Heinz is a young man from an unusual family who keeps monsters as pets. He is a frank and frivolous, but doesn't sweat the small stuff.

Heinz dreams of keeping a powerful monster as livestock. Because of this he often recklessly challenges powerful monsters in various locations. Disliking that his family only kept weak monsters, he unexpectedly left home and began journeying.

As he's skilled with his fingers, his strong point is manufacturing monster materials.[2]

Role in Atelier FiriEdit

Heinz is a playable party member in Atelier Firis.[3]




  1. 自分の可能性を信じる少年
  2. 魔物を家畜として飼う珍しい一族出身の少年。 性格は直情的でお調子者。細かいことはあまり気にしない。 夢は強い魔物を自らの家畜として飼うこと。 そのために、各地の強い魔物に無鉄砲に挑むこともしばしば。弱い魔物しか家畜にしようとしない自らの一族に嫌気がさし、突発的に旅に出た。 手先が器用で、特に魔物の素材の加工が得意。
  3. ハインツのチェインフィニッシュがさく裂!ハインツは他にも、戦利品の入手確率を上げたり、待機時間を短縮したりする使い勝手の良いスキルを持っており、冒険の旅を快適にしてくれます。

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