Iris Blanchimont

A6 IrisIris' appearance in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

A7 Iris (Child)Iris' appearance in Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny.

Japanese Name イリス
Age  ? (Atelier Iris)
6 (Atelier Iris 2)
Height 155 cm (5 '​1 '​ '​) (Atelier Iris)
112 cm (3 '​8 '​ '​) (Atelier Iris 2)
Weight 99lb (Atelier Iris)
48 lbs (Atelier Iris 2)
Appears In Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny
Voice Miki Takahashi (Japanese)

Iris Blanchimont is a major character appearing in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny.

Although not considered to be the main protagonist of the Iris series, she is the title character.


Atelier IrisEdit

Iris is the great alchemist that existed during the golden age of Avenberry. Although many alchemists existed during the golden age, Iris was regarded as having amazing skills and knowledge. She created the Iris Theories, which to this day are used by alchemists. Iris is a peaceful and kind person, but completely changes when she starts her experiments. Iris claims that she's never raised her own family, although it's later revealed that she is the mother of Lita Blanchimont.

She is the human incarnation of the great Mana Lilith, and is the last living survivor of Eden.

Atelier Iris 2Edit

Iris is a young girl who claims to be an orphan just like Viese and Felt. She accompanies the party for most of the game. She has the unique ability to synthesize without using Mana, due to the fact that she is indeed the incarnation of Lilith.