This is a list of all items that can be found in the game, Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

Usable ItemsEdit

These are items that can be used. Most of them are only available for use during a battle. Healing items however, can be used during battle or on the map. When using an item during battle it will be split into three categories: Heal, Attack and Support.

Heal Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Heal Jar A basic healing medicine made from various extracts. HP Heal (M) Single Ally Water Healing Medicine Variable Healing (0-60), Effect Plus (81-100), HP+(S) (40-70), Muddy (0-50), Powdery (51-100) 16 Cole
X Heal A Strong healing medicine made from select materials. HP Heal (L) Single Ally Water Healing Medicine Variable SP+(M) (60-100), Effect Plus (0-29), Effect Plus+ (81-100), Powdery (0-50), Muddy (51-100) 104 Cole
Heal All A diffusive healing medicine created for a larger range. HP Heal (S) All Allies Water Spreading Medicine Variable HP+(L) (80-100), SP+(M) (40-60), Effect Plus (91-100), Muddy (0-39), Powdery (40-60) 156 Cole
Nectar An imitation of the drink of the gods. Awaken Single Ally Water God's Drink Variable Stun+(M) (41-50), Critical+(M) (45-50), Effects Plus++ (25-45), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (30-40), Dirty (71-100) 72 Cole
Super Nectar Aged Nectar that now has a much stronger effect. Max Recovery Single Ally Water Super Juice Variable Tera Heal (71-100), Mega Heal (50-70), Stinky (0-20), Aromatic (50-70), Dirty (0-30) 186 Cole
Shining Grail God had blessed this cup. Nectar flows naturally. Awaken All Allies Earth A Holy Cup Variable Heal All (80-100), Seele (80-100), Bright (20-60), Effect Plus+ (90-100) 232 Cole
Amber Soup Extracts of stewed medicinal plant. Calms you down. SP Heal (S) Single Ally Wind Mental Stabilizer Variable SP+(S) (61-100), Effect Plus+ (61-100), Cure (80-100), Dull (0-60) 30 Cole
Tranquilizer A strong stress relieving medicine. Slightly addictive. SP Heal (L) Single Ally Wind Mental Stabilizer Variable Boost (70-100), SP+(M) (60-100), Effect Plus+ (95-100), Detailed (70-94) 164 Cole
Elixir The ultimate remedy to cure everything. HP Full Heal and Cure Anomalies Single Target Water Ultimate Remedy Variable Tera Heal (40-80), SP+(L) (70-100), Heaven's Gate (100), Bright (0-60), Godly (91-100) 310 Cole
Attack Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Ceramic Plate A very heavy plate. Painful if thrown at somebody. Phys ATK (S) Single Enemy Earth Flaming BBQ Variable Choke (0-100), DEF+(M) (80-100), Round (100) 162 Cole
Flame A basic bomb filled with gunpowder. Fire Dmg (S) Area (M) Fire Bomb Variable Flame Gaze (30-100), Plus Range (0-29), Effect Plus (61-100), Orgasmic (30-60) 58 Cole
Tera Flame The ultimate bomb made of many Flames. Fire Dmg (L), Knockback All Enemy Fire Super Bomb Variable Flame Gaze (60-100), Hellwave (0-30), Crude (60-100), Detailed (15-25) 206 Cole
Bomb Ice An ice bomb. It will freeze everything upon explosion. Ice Dmg (S) Area (M) Water Bomb Variable Ice Storm (60-100), Effect Plus+ (91-100), Cold (0-100) 66 Cole
Bobomb Ice A series of Bomb Ice were tied together for max effect. Ice Dmg (L) All Enemy Water Super Bomb Variable Ice Storm (0-40), Ice Volley (60-100), Cold (30-100) 206 Cole
Lightning Rod This lightning rod produces electricity instead. Ltng Dmg (S) Single Enemy Wind Bomb Variable Lightning (0-100), Plus Range+ (0-10), Electrifying (0-100) 80 Cole
Thunder Rod A dangerous rod that causes huge sparks. Ltng Dmg (L) All Enemy Wind Super Bomb Variable Lightning (0-40), Plasma Ray (60-100), Electrifying (60-100) 206 Cole
Uni A spikey fruit with poisonous thorns. Phys ATK (S) Single Enemy Earth In Wind's Corridor - Mist/Random 50 Poison 2 Cole
Big Uni A large Uni. More effective. Phys ATK (S), Poison Single Enemy Earth In Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Random 50 Poison, Grand Ray 25 Cole
Uni Bomb A bomb that explodes with spikes. Magic (S), Poison Area (S) Fire Exploding Uni Variable Flare Rain (60-100), HP+(M) (0-40), Thorny (80-100) 88 Cole
Big Uni Bomb A more dangerous and larger Uni Bomb. Magic (S), Poison Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable Venom (0-40), Hellwave (70-100), Alarming (60-100), Thorny (60-100), Orgasmic (0-30) 160 Cole
Uni God A bomb in the image of the Uni god. Magic (S), Poison Single Enemy Neutral The Mystic Uni Variable Heaven's Gate (90-100), CS Cost-(L) (0-10), Effect Plus++ (85-90), Godly (80-100), Thorny (0-30) 276 Cole
Orange Bomb An orange bomb that smells citrusy. Magic (S), Sleep Single Enemy Fire Fruit Bomb Variable SPD+(S) (0-100), HP+(M) (70-100), Fruity (90-100) 68 Cole
Big Orange Bomb A stronger, jumbo size Orange Bomb. Magic (M), Sleep Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable HP+(L) (70-100), Ice Volley (80-100), Alarming (0-40), Fruity (80-100) 120 Cole
Lando Bomb A light, easy-to-use sweet aromatic bomb. Magic (S), Seal Single Enemy Fire Sweet Fruit Bomb Variable Stun+(M) (0-100), MGK+(M) (70-100), Fruity (90-100) 78 Cole
Big Lando Bomb For those who need an even bigger bomb. Magic (M), Seal Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable Nightmare (80-100), Plasma Ray (50-100), Alarming (0-30), Fruity (80-100), Orgasmic (0-30) 138 Cole
Globe A spinny, breakable object. Often used to throw around. Damage (M) Single enemy Earth Twirly Thing Variable Calamity (0-20), Tempest (80-100), Effect Plus++ (100), Round (80-100), Outer Space (0-20) 176 Cole
Stellar Globe A stellar model that implodes upon shock. Damage (M), Slow Single Enemy Earth Twirly Thing Variable Call Meteor (99-100), CS Effect+(L) (11-20), Plus Range++ (22-25), Grand Ray (0-10), Outer space (50-100) 438 Cole
Support Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Cure Jar Neutralizes poisons and effects within the body. Cure Anomaly Single Ally Earth Curing Medicine Variable MGK+(S) (30-100), RES+(S) (50-100), Plus Range (80-90) 28 Cole
Unipuni Pudding A very encouraging pudding. ATK Up, DEF Up Single Ally Earth Pudding Variable Mega Heal (65-100), Sweet (60-100), Puni (90-100) 98 Cole
Cheesecake Homemade cheesecake that enlightens you. MGK Up, RES Up Single Ally Water Traditional Cake Variable Seele (70-100), Cure (40-100), Effect Plus+ (0-25), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (80-100), Bitter (11-25) 74 Cole
Pumpotatokin Pie A pie that shields the consumer with Pumpotatokin Skin. Guard Chance Single Ally Earth Traditional Cake Variable DEF+ (M) (40-80), RES+ (M) (40-100), Plus Range (81-90), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (80-100) 82 Cole
Sweetsland A snack theme park that lures you to a world of taste. Shield Wall All Allies Earth Sweets Paradise Variable Seele (0-100), Heal All (75-100), Effect Plus++ (100), Gorgeous (40-74), Theme Park (0-25) 300 Cole
Veggielicious A very bitter drink made of select healthy vegetables. Dispel Buff Single Enemy Water Fruit Juice Variable CS Effect+ (S) (60-100), Cure (70-100), Bitter (0-30), Sweet (70-100) 52 Cole
Veggie Purple An unnatural purple drink that purifies. Cure Anomaly, Auto Heal Single Enemy Water Fruit Juice Variable CS Effect+ (M) (40-100), Mega Heal (50-79), Heal All (80-100), Bitter (0-20), Sweet (90-100) 94 Cole
Divine Shield A device to create a magical shield. Slightly inaccurate. Guard Chance Single Ally Earth Radiating Disc Variable Flame Rain (80-100), DEF+(M) (50-100), Plus Range (90-100), Holy Power (50) 182 Cole
Misty Curtain A rainbow curtain that weakens fire, ice, and lightning. Triple RES Single Ally Wind Magic Stake Cloth Variable Silent (70-100), RES+(M) (50-100), Plus Range (90-100), Holy Power (50) 138 Cole

Material ItemsEdit

Material Items are the items that will be needed for the synthesis. These can be obtained through harvesting,mining, fishing, and collecting throughout dungeons. Some items can be obtaining simply through buying in stores or defeating certain monsters using Jess's Funny Pouch skill. The E-Effect that comes from these items are used to upgrade the character's armor and weapons with different effects such as raising their current HP and SP, equip them a Common Skill, and even giving them powerful effects such as "Guts" which increases the chance of surviving a powerful attack with one 1HP remaining.

Material Items
Name Description Element Location E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Clearwater Mineral drinking water from the clearest river. It can be found in many places, though. Water Workshop 55 Healing 1 Cole
Brown Groundwater Impure spring water from underground. Not drinkable, but very important for alchemy. Earth Cafeteria (Chapter 5) 60 ATK+(S), Stun+ (S) 3 Cole
Goat Milk Milk from a goat. Thick and nutritious. Used for many dairy products. Water Cafeteria 36 Healing 3 Cole
Marine Water Pure water that can be extracted in rare spots of the deep sea. Has all the vitamins needed. Water Student Store (Chapter 4), God's Scar/Pond 75 Half 5 Cole
Dunkelhite A rare flower that blooms once in a few years. But a bunch were discovered in the Dragon's Grave. Fire Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin/Harvest 10 CS Effect+(M) 32 Cole
Spinacherb A plant with many healthy nutrients. It is bitter, but is edible when cooked. Earth Living Forest/Random 55 HP+(S) 1 Cole
Purplinacherb Mutated Spinacherb where the perplina pigment went crazy. Deathly bitter, but 10x the nutrients. Earth Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 75 HP+(L) 19 Cole
Gash Twing A pungent smelling twig. It was used to wake people up, but no one uses it anymore these days. Wind Living Forest/Harvest 60 MGK+(S), RES+(S) 1 Cole
Kittynip A weed that cats have fun playing with. Good quality ones can be sold for high prices. Wind God's Scar/Harvest 70 SP+(M), HP+(M) 27 Cole
Eicheloa A typical mushroom that grows on trees. It can be used as medicine and food, especially roasted. Earth The Heights/Harvest 60 ATK+(S), DEF+(S) 1 Cole
Poison Shroom Poisonous mushroom with purple spots. It extracts poisons from the darkness of the night. Earth The Heights/Harvest 20 Poison 3 Cole
Tercia Pollen Pollen that has healing powers, but some people can have allergic reactions to it. Water Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 80 MGK+(L), Venom 19 Cole
Taun Weeds containing little magic, used in many synthesis. Almost as common as the Spinacherb. Fire Millenium Tree/Random 65 HP+(M), MGK+(M) 11 Cole
Huffin A tree with a pretty white flower. It is rare in this region and there's only the one in The Heights. Water The Heights/Huffin Tree 70 Healing 3 Cole
Carrotato A red, thin potato. Only one can be harvested per plant. It is strong in taste unless cooked. Earth Cafeteria, Old Schoolhouse/Harvest 30 ATK+(S) 2 Cole
Dirt Super normal dirt. Usually mixed with water for alchemy. Available on campus. Earth Old Schoolhouse/Harvest 55 HP+(S) 2 Cole
Red Dirt Red colored dirt. It has a lot of iron in it. It can only be found in the deep layers of earth. Fire The Heights/Harvest 65 Flame Gaze, HP+(M) 4 Cole
Black Dirt Very black dirt that contains a lot of nutrients. It tastes sweet. Plants grow faster in this soil. Earth Dragon's Grave - Bone Groove/Harvest 75 DEF+(M), ATK+(M) 12 Cole
Belgrade Potato Potato produced by Master Belgrade. It is hard like rock when raw, but soft when cooked. Earth Old Schoolhouse - Harvest 65 HP+(S) 2 Cole
Burdock Straight A vegetable that is a straight root. Not recommended for weak jaws or teeth. Earth The Heights/Harvest 60 ATK+(S) 4 Cole
Burdock Curve A mutant Burdock Straight. It is harder to harvest, but awards the work with great taste. Earth Mana Ruins - Interior Heights/Harvest 80 ATK+(L), Critical+(M) 28 Cole
Radish A spicy vegetable. It is best to eat a day after it's been grated. It is super spicy when fresh. Wind Mana Ruins - Outskirts/Harvest 65 Cure 12 Cole
Medicinal Radish A Radish that soaked up all the nutrients in the earth and is now medicinal. It is spicy and bitter. Wind Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Harvest 85 Seele 22 Cole
Shinke Onion A vegetable with a sharp, needle tip. It is dangerous, but kids use it as a toy for the thrill. Water God's Scar/Harvest 10 ATK+(L), Critical+(L) 41 Cole
Pumpotatokin A potato with a hard, green skin. The soft inside is edible, but it is hard to get to it. Earth Mana Ruins - Outskirt/Harvest 75 DEF+(M), RES+(S) 12 Cole
Bitter Grape A very bitter grape. It must be processed before eating, but some find a strange liking to it fresh. Wind Cafeteria (Chapter 5), Millenium Tree/ Harvest 35 RES+(S) 22 Cole
Night-in-grape Bitter grape that is harvested at night. It is unbelievably fruity and not bitter at all. Wind Millenium Tree/Harest (Night) 60 Lightning 31 Cole
Muscat The king of grapes. Each fruit is worth a gem. Organic ones are very expensive. Wind Resource Center Dungeon/Vendor, Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 80 Cure 37 Cole
Tangerine A sweet and tangy fruit. Very useful from skin to seed. Bad ones tend to be very sour. Water Cafeteria, Millenium Tree/Harvest 55 MGK+(S) 22 Cole
Sunrise Orange Only available in the morning. If picked in the afternoon, it will no longer be sweet. Water Millenium Tree/Harvest (Morning) 70 Ice Storm 31 Cole







Key ItemsEdit


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