Keina Swaya
A13 Keina
Japanese Name ケイナ・スウェーヤ
Kaena Swaya
Age 14
Height 152 cm (4 '​11 '​ '​)
Blood Type A
Appears In Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
Voice Kaori Satou (Japanese)
Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
"My greatest fortune.. is that I ever got to meet Meruru. Even I realize that..."
— Keina, Atelier Meruru

Keina Swaya is a playable character in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Keina is the childhood friend of Princess Meruru and Lias. She acts as Meruru's personal assistant, and is very devoted to her, even being able to tell when she is in need of her services. Her and Meruru have a special bond and treat each other as if they were sisters. 

She has a polite and pleasant disposition towards people, and addresses people as "Mrs" or "Mr". Although young, she is sensible and responsible. Keina also serves as the castle's maid and loves to cook, clean and do laundry. She is always worried about Meruru's actions and watches carefully over her, often checking in on her at the workshop when she's not at the Castle.

It appears that Keina has some form of natural luck abilities which can help out others, although this does not appear to be a power she has control over. 


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF Ingredients
Handbag 1 3
  • Ingot

Almighty Bag

4 9
  • Tinc

  • Dry Metal

First Aid Bag 6 15 25
  • Platine

  • Halmolium

Noble Bag 10 30 20 40 20
  • Sunlite

  • Regentium

Perfect Security Bag (Atelier Meruru Plus only)


Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Ointment 1


Recover HP for one ally. Amount depends on ATK. 

Heal Potion 25 40 Recovers all allie's HP and recover from KO.
Cheer On 10


Raises ATK for all allies. Recovery from status ailments.
Lucky Star 15 0 Higher item chance after battle. Attack less likely.
Happy Song 30 48 Raises level and critical hit rate for all allies. Higher item drop rate.
Chaperon Master
Proud Sister


Ending - Keina


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