Knowledge Book
Knowledge book
Level 45
Item Category Book
Days 5 Days
Energy Required Heavenly Spirits, Treasure Grimoire, (Elixir), (Dragon)
Recipe Oath of Eden
Skills Four Heavens, Evasion Down S, Crit Rate down, Resonant Damage, Unstable Damage, MP Consume M, MP Consume S, MP Consume S2
"A book filled with the angel's power. It releases a huge shockwave."
— Atelier Escha & Logy Description

The Knowledge Book is a Escha-only attack item found only in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

In Atelier Escha & Logy, the Knowledge Book is an attack item that Escha can create at Alchemy LV. 45 once she obtains the recipe book, "Oath of Eden" from Marion before leaving to explore the Unexplored Ruins near the end of her story. The book makes a reappearance in Atelier Shallie as part of Escha's Ultimate Attack, "W. Draw O".

When not in use, it appears to be an old book locked by two chains intersecting each other. Once used it seems launch a variety of attacks that uses all four elements, ranging from firing a ball of elemental energy (lv.1), Firing a beam of 4 separate elements simultaneously (lv.2), and summoning a Dragon-type Slag made from light to envelope the area in a powerful elemental blast (lv.3). In Shallie, it can encase an opponent in a sphere prison of light and the chains that binds the book before enclosing the prison and opponent seconds before detonating in an explosion of blinding light.

Despite it's appearance, this book is the most powerful of all of Escha's unique items and just like Logy's Tauzent Blitz, it is the ultimate attack item used specifically by Escha.


  • Four Heavens:
  • Evasion Down S:
  • Crit Rate down:
  • Resonant Damage:
  • Unstable Damage:
  • MP Consume M:
  • MP Consume S:
  • MP Consume S2:


  • Frame Reinforce+:
  • Effect Up+:
  • Frame Compress:
  • Fixed Increase+:
  • Heavenly Wave:


  • All Elements x3: All attributes x3.

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