Lionela "Liona" Heinze
Japanese Name リオネラ・エインセ (Rionera einse)

Lionela Heinze

Age 16 (JP) / 19 (NA)
Occupation Puppeter
Height 153 cm (5 '​0 '​ '​)
Blood Type A
Appears In Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Atelier Questboard

Voice Kei Shindou (Japanese)

Laura Bailey (English)

Lionela Heinze is a playable character in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

Calling no place home, Lionela travels the kingdom as a street performer, with her trusted friends Aranya and Horoholo, her puppets.

Lionela is a somewhat ditzy girl, which gives her some common ground with Rorona, allowing them to become good friends. In addition, she is a very quiet and mysterious girl, and is quite prone to apologizing for everything. Lionela is a kind individual who is very grateful for the companionship Rorona provides.

However, she closely guards a secret that she fears would turn her new friend away.


Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Aranya Heal

Small HP Restore

Expanded Skills: Aranya Cure, Aranya Recovery, Healing Dance

-- Single
Horoholo Magic

Water Elemental Damage

Expanded Skills: Horoholo Freeze, Horoholo Blizzard

Sixth Sense Evasion Rate up by 5%, plus the % skill level -- N/A
Great Nature Increases support for elemental damage. -- N/A
Psionic Doll Damage to all enemies -- Multiple


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK Effect
A11 item 185
Weaved Bracelet
?Normal Bracelet?
9 Aranya Cure
Demon Busting
Horoholo Freeze
A11 item 186
Silver Bracelet
?Metal Bracelet?
Ster Metal
22 Aranya Cure
Demon Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
A11 item 187
Rune Bracelet
?Magical Bracelet?
Scale Cloth
30 Demon Beast Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
A11 item 188
Spiritual Bracelet
?Glowing Bracelet?
Platine 44 Demon Beast Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
Horoholo Blizzard
A11 item 189
Gold Bracelet
?Pretty Bracelet?
Halmolium 53 Aranya Rcovery
Horoholo Blizzard
Demon Busting
Healing Dance


Ending - Lionela