Living Armor
Living Armor
Level 19
Type Ghost
Health 175
Defense 26
Attack 33
Speed 28
Skills Attack, Impulse
Locations Arls National Mine
Item(s) Dropped Old Armor, Pendelook

"A suit of armor that can move on its own. It's a kind of ghost, and its lack of legs is proof of that. Just destroy the armor to defeat it."
Atelier Meruru Description

The Living Armor is a monster in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

They are mid range "armored ghost" type enemies that are stronger than Spectres but weaker than both Phantom Knights and Gan Ceann. They are only found at the Arls National Mine and usually attack in large groups. Their stats are fairly average, and they are pure physical attackers.

Like all other enemies in this family, they also have a chance to drop Old Armor.

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