Lolotte Stasille
Lolotte stasille
Birthday January 2
Age 15
Height 160 cm (5 '​2 '​ '​)
Weight 43 kg (94.79 lbs)
Appears In Atelier Lise: The Alchemist of Orde
This article features a character who is in a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Lolotte Stasille is a playable character in Atelier Lise: The Alchemist of Orde.

She is daughter to one of the richest men in Orde, and has a reputation of being extremely charming. Her beauty hasn't gone unnoticed around Orde, although Lolotte herself hopes to one day marry Prince Joel.

Although she is the same age as Lisette Lander, she is sophisticated and mature, making her seem much more like an adult.

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