The Lost City is a location in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

An underwater city that's located underneath Nabel Lake. In order to access the Lost City, Rorona must use Air Drops to walk underwater. Once unlocked, Rorona can travel there in six days from Arland.

Map InformationEdit

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Old Capital Gate 1 Day Sea Puddle, Prism Coral Isle Fish Air Drop: To access area
Lost Thought 2 Days Marinelite, Salt Trick Air Drop: To access area
Forgotten Guardian 2 Days Star Piece, Marinelite Helstrom (Dragon) Air Drop: To access area
Remaining Treasure 2 Days Marinelite, Sea Puddle Gargoyle, Trick, etc. Air Drop: To access area
Treasure: Necronomicon
Treasure: Healing Salve (80)

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