Lucille Ernella
A15 Lucille
Japanese Name ルシル・エルネラ (Rushiru erunera)

Lucille Ernella

Age 14
Occupation Government Official
Height 145 cm (4 '​9 '​ '​)
Blood Type A
Weapon Bag
Appears In Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Voice Mariko Honda (Japanese)
Mela Lee (English)

Lucille Ernella is a supporting character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Lucille is a new government official educated in medicine, sent to the development project from Central. She is a junior to Escha and Logy within the development team, and address them both with the "senpai" honorific. She is serious about her work, polite, and nice, but sometimes she makes big mistakes.[1]

Lucille is an only child and comes from the rich Ernella family, who runs the medicine specialist Ernella Company. She usually gets along well with her parents, but since she was unable to find work in the places where the company has a strong influence, she asked to be assigned to a place as far from Central as possible.

She has been doing her best studying to become a doctor, but was left behind. Because of this, even if she wanted to become a doctor, she became a government official to make use of what she have learnt. Through various events, it's revealed that Lucille would like to grow taller and stronger.

Escha is like an older sister to her, and it's easy for them to talk to each other. She is nice to Logy as well, but when she relied on Logy a lot, Escha became jealous[2].

When she is not helping others, she studies the great medical treatment art revived from the premodern times. Lucille also collects figurines, and have collected very many. In one of her characters events, Reyfer gives her one he happend to have, and Logy reveals that he used to collect them as well in the past. She also get along very well with her homunculi co-workers, and often talk with them and tell them stories. 

Her theme tune is called "G protein-coupled receptor".

Role in Atelier Escha & LogyEdit

Lucille is introduced as Escha and Logy's new colleague in the developmeant team. She joins Escha and Logy in their investigation work and is a playable party member. She also has her own character ending, and there is both an Escha and Logy version of her ending. She can usually be found at the Hall, where she is often seen together with her homunculi co-workers.

During her stay in Corseit, she keeps in touch with her parents in Central through letters. However, her parents are very worried about her and concerned about her working environment, and they send several letters of protest to the Corseit Branch leader, Colland Grumman. Lucille often consults Logy's help with the matter.

Ernella Company will eventually request the development team to develop a new medicine to prevent an epidemic, and the recipe "Prophylactic Medicine Recipe" is only available from Lucille's character events.


Lucille uses content from her bag in battle. Her standard attack is to throw a syringe. She also has healing skills and her abilities are mainly related to recovery or improving her allies abilities. Her special move is called "Medicine Break(メディスンブレイク, Medisunbureiku)"[3].


Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description Area
Vital Check Default 14 Heals the target's HP and revives from KO. The amount healed varies with attack power. Single target
Injection Default 20 Deals water damage to the target. Greatly increases Support Gauge. Single target
Medical Shower 25 Heals all party members in the front line, and reduces their WT slightly. All allies(front)
Dart Injection Default N/A (Special Support) Physical damage and increases the Support Gauge. Single target
Hard Worker Default N/A Reduces effectiveness of status aliments, and provides a chance to avoid being KO'd. Self only
Prey Instinct Default N/A Reduces chances of being targeted for attacks, and increases success rate for running away. Self only



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