Lydie Malen




Japanese Name リディー・マーレン, Ridī Māren
Age 14
Occupation Alchemist
Height 150 cm (4 '​11 '​ '​)
Family Suelle Malen (Younger Twin)
Roger Malen (Father)
Honnete Malen (Mother)
Lucia Borthayre (Cousin)
Weapon Staff
Appears In Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
Voice Maria Naganawa
"Huh!? Hello!? Wait, Sue! [1]"
— Lydie

Lydie Malen is one of two protagonists of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.

She’s the calm and quiet older twin sister of Suelle. She’s known for having a unique sense of art. She's from a small Atelier located in the capital city of Adalett, called Merveille.[2]

She is the more stable out of the two twins and looks after her younger sister. The two dreams to one day run the kingdom's top atelier.

She isn't very good at physical exercise, but is good at studying. She's social and kind, carefree and does things at her own pace. However, sometimes she can be a bit of an airhead.[3] She was designed and illustrated by Yuugen.

As a playable character she is more inclined towards support and healing. She is also more frail than her twin sister.

Battle Edit

Lydie has considerably inferior strength compared to other allies. It is recommended to place her as a attack character to maximize effectiveness with healing items, or offensive items.

Defensive Blow 10
Battle Cry 15
Guide in Defense 20
Wish of Recovery 30
Mental Support
Physical Support
Follow Heal
Elemental Charge
Gentle Heart
Nature's Protection
Battle Mix

Skills Edit

  • Defensive Blow - Costs 10 MP. Offensive. Light Damage. Single Enemy.
    • Delays the enemy's turn slightly.
  • Battle Cry - Costs 15 MP. Defensive. Buff. Single Ally.
    • Increases ATK of an ally.
  • Guide to Defence - Costs 20 MP. Defensive. Buff. All Allies.
    • Increase DEF of all allies.

Follow-up Skills Edit

  • Mental Support
    • Restore a small amount of MP after an ally has used a skill.
  • Physical Support
    • Restore a small amount of HP if an ally has received more than 5% or more of maximum HP in damage from the enemy.
  • Follow Heal
    • Restore small amounts of HP and MP if an ally has recovered their HP or MP using items.
  • Elemental Charge
    • Restore a medium amount of HP of all allies and increase DEF.



  1. えっ!? ちょっと!? 待ってよ、スーちゃーん!
  2. Siliconera
  3. Gematsu