Marc McBrine
Japanese Name マーク・マクブライン

Marc McBrine

Age 22
Occupation Scientist
Height 172 cm (5 '​9 '​ '​)
Blood Type AB
Weapon Claws
Appears In Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

"But I must stay alert. My genius of magnamimous proportions is sought after worldwide!"
— Marc, Atelier Totori

Marc Mcbrine is a supporting character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

Marc is a rather eccentric young scientist who likes to be called "The Exceedingly Exceptional Genius Super Scientist Professor McBrine". Marc is friendly and sociable, even if he may make a strange first impression to most people that he meets. Marc is not only a scientist, but also a brilliant and talented inventor. His hobby is seeking out scrapyards and old machinery around Arland for materials to use in his inventions. Totori will meet him for the first time at the Buried Ruins before he runs away from a pack of monsters that were pursuing him.

He dreams of one day creating a robot, but currently creates many prototypes, tools and traps. He's great with children, and feels good when he can impress children with his inventions.

Because of Marc's firm belief in the power of logic and science, he may seem aloof about anything that he views as "illogical". He has his doubts about the legitimacy of alchemy at first, but he will still become a reliable friend and companion for Totori on her adventures. He can be recruited from Arland, in an alleyway beside Rorona's workshop. 


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Name Level ATK DEF Ingredients
Steel Fist 1 10 4 Ingot, Tinc
Scissorhands 3 14 6 Tinc, Dry Metal, Ster Metal
Steel Cutter 5 22 10 Goldstein
God Hand 7 34 16 Platine
Storm Drill 9 50 24 Halmolium


Ending - Marc


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