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A17 Meklet

A17 Atomina

Japanese Name アルト, Aruto (Alt)
メクレット, Mekuretto (Meklet)
アトミナ (Atomina)
Age Unknown
Occupation Alchemist, Traveler
Height 160 cm (5 '​2 '​ '​) (Alt)
140 cm (4 '​7 '​ '​) (Meklet)
139 cm (4 '​6 '​ '​) (Atomina)
Appears In Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings
Voice Takuma Nagatsuka (Alt)
Atsushi Ono (Luard)
Sachi Matsumoto (Meklet, Japanese)
Kimberly Woods (Meklet, English)
Hina Kino (Atomina, Japanese)
"I see now, yes, you have wonderful eyes. Filled with ambitions and hopes, most striking.[1]"
— Alt
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Alt, also known as Meklet and Atomina, is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey, and Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings. Prior to the events of Sophie, he was known as Luard, an alchemist and childhood friend of Plachta.

Role Edit

Atelier SophieEdit

Luard serves as the prior antagonist of Sophie, having been split by Plachta into the two artificial dolls Meklet and Atomina 500 years prior after his pursuit of Ablation Alchemy began to tear away at the earth. Over the course of Sophie, Meklet and Atomina watch over Sophie in her efforts to find the Cauldron of Knowledge, which they eventually retrieve and use to return to their true form as Luard. However, Sophie manages to revert him to Meklet and Atomina before he can continue his waste to the land.

Reminded by Sophie of the wish to help others they shared with Plachta, they both set off into the unknown. However, they soon find themselves in trouble when their inability to perform alchemy gets them in danger, causing Sophie to feel sorry for them; as a result, she creates a cauldron that will allow them to do simple alchemy. This raises concerns from Plachta, who is not convinced that they won't try to cause trouble again, but she decides to go along with Sophie's decision. After receiving the cauldron from Sophie, they give her advice on restoring Plachta to a human body before journeying off into the unknown.

Meklet and Atomina only appear in event scenes and can't be found in town, therefore they can't be given gifts.

Atelier FirisEdit

Meklet and Atomina come upon Firis during her journey, and begin to start requesting alchemy items from Firis in order to test her skills and tell her about a mysterious island in the sky. Eventually, they get her to take her to the island, where it is revealed that they are investigating the past of a friend, named Alt, who was his and Plachta's disciple from 500 years prior. Although they are unable to confirm his ultimate fate, they come upon his journal, which had expressed concern over Luard despite their last encounter having resulted in a fight.

Atelier Lydie & SuelleEdit

Between the events of Firis and Lydie & Suelle, Meklet and Atomina accidentally fell into the cauldron while doing synthesis and were turned into a younger version of their original form as Luard. Renaming himself "Alt" in memory of his old friend, he moved to Merveille and started an atelier there, quickly gaining a reputation as a young, brilliant alchemist. Upon meeting Lydie and Suelle and hearing about their dreams to make their atelier the greatest in the kingdom, he joins them in their painting exploration travels and offers alchemy advice to him.

Hoping to move on from his past, he initially hides his identity from everyone until his true name and past are eventually exposed to Lydie and Suelle in Etel Nepica. With the help of the twins, he eventually manages to reconcile with his past and make amends with Plachta.

As an enemy Edit

Luard serves as the final boss in Atelier Sophie.

A17 Luard Lv Species Description
25 Alchemic Plachta: "Luard. He was an exceptional alchemist. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say he was a genius."

Sophie: "T-to think you'd say that much about him, Plachta... He must have been really amazing."

HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
3000 169 128 161 - Physical
Habitat Items Cole EXP
Library of All Creation Various 0 1300

As a party member Edit

Skills Edit

  • Wedge of the Sun - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Fire Damage. Small Area.
    • Cause light Fire Damage to enemies in a small area. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Sea God's Judgement - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Ice Damage. Single Enemy.
    • Cause light Ice damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Thunderbolt's Wraith - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Lightning Damage. Single enemy.
    • Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Oath of Glass - Costs 30 MP. Tactical. Self Applied.
    • Increase Equipment Effect massively but consume a large amount of HP.

Follow-up Skills Edit

  • Dwarf Star's Ferocity
    • Cause light damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect. Use a skill against the enemy to inflict damage.
  • Monthly Censure
    • Cause light damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect. Use a skill against all enemies to inflict damage.
  • Cedar Dance
    • Increase Equipment Effect. Use an effect that increases ATK, DEF, or SPD.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The word "meklet" means something like "to look for something" while "Atomos" is the Greek word for "undivided", and the word "atom" comes from it.
  • In Atelier Sophie, Eradication Alchemy is called Ablation Alchemy. This is due to a change in translation companies for the release of Atelier Lydie & Suelle which resulted in several name changes.
  • Alt uses a book as his primary weapon in Lydie & Suelle, mirroring his use of one as an enemy in Sophie.


  1. ・・・なるほど、いい目をしてる。野心と希望に満ちた、素晴らしい目だ
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