Age 16
Occupation Salesman
Height 152 cm
Family Poe (husband)
Appears In Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny
Voice Shiharu Hisashima(Japanese)

Mitsue is a character in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

Profile Edit

A beautiful catgirl merchant, Mitsue hails from the kitty town of Zwital Village, Mitsue turns up multiple times in the game.

A notable turning point in Mitsue’s life occurs during her meeting with Felt’s party in the Dark woods, Mitsue informs the party about the Bombsmith. Upon meeting Mitsue, Poe does his usual flirting towards female. While Poe would soon forget the encounter, Mitsue was deeply moved by Poe’s words and developed an infatuation for "Poeywoey”(“Poe-sama" in the Japanese version).

When Mitsue is next seen, she mishears Poe is privately reciting a love letter for Viese, Mitsue comes by and believes it is directed at her. When Poe gets to the marriage part, Mitsue blushes and says she needs some time to think on it, running off before Poe notices her.

Poe is confronted by MItsue when the group visits Zwital village. Mitsue announces she accepts the proposal from her Poeywoey and they’ll get married now. Poe is unwilling to do the marriage due to his obsession with Viese, but the party coerces Poe into marrying her so as to gain access to the workshop in Darkspring which is only available to grooms. Poe very reluctantly goes through with the marriage, but continues to pursue Viese. The marriage was finalized by the Bride and Groom both receiving the Pigeon blood jewel. Mitsue acts as a devoted wife to Poe for most of the game. Cooking him fish dishes as well as carting Poe back during the occasions he runs off. Near the end of the game, Mitsue gives Poe permission to save the world so long as he returns to her afterwards, Poe expressing the desire not to return, telling him to keep the pigeon blood jewel close to her and think of their love, unknowing that the party had used the jewel as a reagent.

In the game's ending, Poe attempts to placate an angry Mitsue with a ring, but she scratches Poe and walks away, seemingly having lost her affection for Poe after finding out he gave up the symbol of their love.

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