"An abandoned city of mystery."
— Map Description

The Modis Ruins is a location in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

It is one of the major locations during the course of the game. The area has long since been abandoned when Meruru first discovers it, but through development, makes it a safe location so that it can be used as a residential area. It is a large area serving as a mini dungeon with many different areas and enemies.

The ruins are also home to an ancient Wyvern which threatens the safety of Arls. When Sterk arrives in Arls, he is sent to investigate the ruins and neutralize the Wyvern threat. The Wyvern acts as the game's first major boss, but once defeated, further development can done. Pamela will eventually send a Chim to the area to sell Meruru items that she's registered with Pamela's shop. There is also a mysterious tablet near the entrance behind the Chim that is key in order to gain access to the Endless Corridor.

Map InformationEdit

Name Ingredients Enemies
Modis Ruins Black Runestone, Rainbow Fragment, Globe Sphere, Shining Saucer, Ancient Rubbish, Vintage Pot, Painting Riotous Stallion, Jagd Wolf, Phantom Knight, Spectre, Guardian, Scare Phantom, Black Demon, Wyvern

Development QuestsEdit

Main article: Kingdom Ranks (Atelier Meruru)
  • Dragon Hunt
  • Ancient Beast
  • Ancient Spirit
  • Tent Delivery
  • Catering
  • Apparel Delivery
  • Sealing Amulet
  • Mobile Home
  • Protective Box
  • E. Uncharted Dev.
  • E. Uncharted Dev.+
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