Japanese ムル
Appearances Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Voice Tohru Inada (Japanese)

Lex Lang (English)

Mull is the main antagonist in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

One of the three great alchemist in the game, Mull is a former friend to both Daphne and Zeldalia. Mull is a genius alchemist who wishes for unlimited mana power to rule over the world. Due to his lust for more power, he betrays his friends to research the ultimate being named Amalgam. Because of his motives and betrayal, he is viewed as the game's main antagonist.

Role in Atelier IrisEdit

In order to summon Amalgam, he needs a material that can produce limitless mana which is the ruby prism. He has the knowledge to create it himself, but due to the lack of time he's facing, he decides to steal it from Lita. He succeeds and disappears.

In the final battle, he manages to call upon Amalgam but fails to make pact with it. Amalgam uses mana extraction on Mull instead, killing him in the process.

Mull is also the creator of Arlin and Arlin's now deceased brother. After viewing them both as incomplete, Mull throws the two away like mere trash, although Arlin survives the ordeal. Mull and Arlin look so alike as Mull modeled Arlin after him.