Nabel Lake is a location in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

It takes five days to travel to Nabel Lake from Arland. If Rorona takes Iksel here while in the party, the Swirly Shell event flag will be triggered.

Once Rorona has the recipe for Air Drops, she can go under the lake and gain access to the Lost City. The "To the Lake" event also takes place here.

Map InformationEdit

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Isle Fish Assembly 1 Day Glow Sand Isle Fish Treasure: Hermes Collection
Treasure: Bomb Ice (70)
Iguanus Habitat 3 Days Swirly Shell, Glow Sand Iguanus Bomb Ice: To advance to Area 3
Air Drop: Leads to Isle Amber (40)
Treasure: Spring Cup (60)
Nabel Lake 1 Day Swirly Shell, Foamy Water, Water Green Puni, Isle Fish Bomb Ice: Leads to Swirly Shell Harvesting Point
Air Drop: To advance to Area 7
Egg Area 2 Days Some Egg, Audra's Tail Vulture
Isolated Island 3 Days Glow Sand, Audra's Tail Basalt Dragon (Strong) Air Drop: To access area
Treasure: Golteisen Ingot (80)
Lake Floor 2 Days Swirly Shell, Prism Coral, Water Gold Puni Air Drop: To access area
Old Capital Way 2 Days Swirly Shell, Prism Coral, Water Valoshun (Strong) Air Drop: To access area
Bomb: To advance to Lost City

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