The National Mines is a location in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

The area is unlocked by Hagel, after he introduces the tutorial to making armor and weapons. It's close to Arland and takes three days to travel to. If Rorona puts Iksel in the party and takes him here, the Some Egg event flag will be triggered.

Map InformationEdit

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Mines Entrance 1 Iron Clay, Fuel Dirt Blue Puni, Aphostol
Ore Area 1 Stim Stone Blue Puni, Donarn Treasure: Bomb (30)
Demon's Path 2 Phlogiston, Glow Grass Aphostol
Spirit's Path 2 Phlogiston, Glow Grass Ghost
Snow Stone Area 1 Snow Stone, Some Egg Donarn, Ghost
Rest Point Area 1 Chainweb, Poisonhead None Treasure: Healing Salve (50)
Donarn Habitat 2 Stim Stone, Snow Stone Donarn Treasure: Cloth (Silkis) (60) / Supplement (60)
Gravistone Area 2 Gravistone Aphostol, Ghost Bomb: Leads to Gravistone Harvesting Points
Falling Rocks Area 1 Original Gem Scarlet (Strong) Bomb (2) + Bomb Ice: Leads to Ingot (Tinc) (80)
Anti-Cavern 1 Gravistone, Original Gem Aphostol, Ghost
End of Mines 2 Gravistone, Some Egg Ghost, Donarn, Aphostol Treasure: Pure Oil (50)

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