During the story, people will give quests to Totori. Some quests are clear to manage, while others are more obscure and will require you to find certain unknown ingredients. A certain alchemy level is required to end some quests. These side quests are found in the Library -> Help -> Totori's Memo.

Peter's CarriageEdit

Give Marc a Bounce Stone and Pure Oil from your basket in Alanya when he asks for them. He will use them to make Peter's carriage faster, though the cost of travelling remains the same.


Synthesize ship materials for Guid. Once you unlock this mission by following the story, these items will appear in the "Key" tab in the Atelier. You can craft and bring them one by one in your basket to Guid who is waiting at the wharf.

Material Level Ingredients
Forged Anchor 25 (Ingot) x 5
Polish Powder x 3
Magic Chain x 3
Whirlwind Sail 30 (Lumber) x 7
(Cloth) x 10
Sylph Breath x 3
Proofed Deck 25 (Lumber) x 15
Tar Liquid x 5
(Ingot) x 5
Supplement x 5
Centenary Hull 29 (Lumber) x 20
Polish Powder x 10
Helm 32 Shining Saucer x 5
(Threads) x 5
(Lumber) x 5
Mystery Ankh x 3
Mystic Prow 35 (Ore) x 10
Polish Powder x 5
(Mystery) x 5
Komet x 3

Fish FestivalEdit

Talk to 7 girls before the festival starts: Filly Dee, Rorona, Cordelia von Feuerbach, Pamela Ibis, Melvia Siebel, Cecilia Helmold, Tiffani Hildebrand. You really have only 2 months to return in time, so count the days yourself once you receive this quest.

Speciality Liquor #1Edit

Create new drinks with alcohol in for Gerhard Konev. Synthesize Floral Sour Mix, Million Nights, Blessed Wine.

Speciality Liquor #2Edit

Synthesize Anchobeer for Gerhard Konev.

Speciality Liquor #3Edit

Synthesize Tuna Wine, Butterfliquor, Bomb Booze for Gerhard Konev.

Speciality Liquor #4Edit

Synthesize Guardian Liquor for Gerhard Konev.

Cooking Class #1Edit

Synthesize Black Tea and Passionate Soup and bring them to Iksel Jahnn with your basket.

Cooking Class #2Edit

Synthsize Meister Tarte and Danish and bring them to Iksel Jahnn with your basket.

Cooking Class #3Edit

Synthesize a 60+ quality Century Biscuit for Iksel Jahnn.

Cooking Class #4Edit

Synthsize a 80+ quality Totori Brunch for Iksel Jahnn.

Super Move SynthEdit

After going on a few adventures with Gino Knab, he will ask you to make him a super move. Synthesize Rustic Weights for him. The recipe will appear in the Key tab in your Atelier.

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