Rastel Biheusen
Rastel Biheusen
Japanese Name ラステル・ビハウゼン

(Rasuteru Bihauzen)

Birthday February 1
Age 16
Height 159 cm (5 '​2 '​ '​)
Weight 48 kg (105.82 lbs)
Weapon Staff
Appears In Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad
Voice Miki Takahashi

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Rastel Biheusen is a character appearing in Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad.

She comes from a rich family in Metterburg. She likes to sing, grow flowers and listen to fairy tales. She is a bit of a day dreamer and is interested in magic.[1] She is also a romantic. 


When Judith sees Rastel standing on a bridge in Wern, she believes that she is about to commit suicide and attempts to stop her. Rastel first mistakes Judie for a fairy. When Judith tells her she has traveled 200 years from her own time, she is very amazed and believes her story. She asks Judith to meet her in Metterburg, where Rastel will be waiting for her.

Once the player visits Metterburg, Rastel will come running to Judith, and also reveals that she has waited every day by the gate of the city for Judith to show up. Rastel will then show Judith around the city and invite her to her home. Rastel tells Judith that despite that she doesn't know about anything outside of the city she lives in, she would like to help Judith to return to her own time. She eventually becomes a close friend of Judith.

From traveling to different cities with Rastel, Rastel will be able to learn new skills.

When Judith hears about the Tower of Maibaum and tells Rastel about it, she attempts to stop her, but eventually helps her enter the tower by singing a special song. However, in exchange for that Rastel will no longer stop her from going to dangerous places, she would like Judith to make a promise to listen to her request once the time comes. Judith quickly promises her to do so.

If the player decides to return to the past using the Hourglass of the Dragon by talking to Post, Rastel will appear as Judith, Oval, and Post are about to begin the depart in the forest. Depending on certain conditions, she will either tell Judith that she has known that this day will come ever since since Judith revealed that she came from the past or remind Judith of the promise she made her at the tower of Maibaum and beg her not to return.

If the player chooses to return to the past or haven't fulfilled the conditions for the choice to stay in the future, a crying Rastel will shout something unhearable and head towards the disappearing Judith just as the hourglass shatters. Rastel can be seen during the credits to have kept the frame for the hourglass, and a book with a picture of Judith and Fink can be seen at the table she sits by. If the player stays in the future, Rastel can be seen during the credits at the construction of "Atelier Judie". Once Judith arrives at the house, Rastel and Judith run to each other and hug.


Rastel can only be equipped with a staff and dress and depends on her singing in battle. Her physical abilities are lacking. She does not cost anything to hire.[2]


Skill Level Learned LP Usage MP Consumption Skill Description


Starting level. 0
Song of the Fight 25 Raises attack and defense of all allies.
Song of the Fairy 30 Restore LP of all allies.
Song of the Royal Family Learns in Metterburg. 77
Song of the Aristocracy Learns in Risa. 16 Restore HP of all allies.


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