Below is a list of recipe books or items that give recipes that are found in Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny

Name Location Recipes
Alchemic History Eden Temple Grappling Hook
Alchemy 101 Eden Temple Heal Herb, Fear Bottle
Alchemic Econ Great Cave Alchemist Medal
Alchemic Destiny Eden Temple Ruby Prism
Ancient Skills Altena Church Reptile Egg
Antidote Guide Fort Zeyung Cure Jar
Amanita's Diary Hidden Village Amanita Needle
BBQ 101 Noir Charcoal
Belkhyde Max's Camp Belk Blackbelt
Blacksmith 101 Noir Flay Hammer
Blacksmith Advanced Zwital Village Quicksilver Ankh
Book Alha Riese Palace Megido's Key
Book of Infinia Back Alley Moebius
Book of Marcus Vintavne Gurgu's Cane
Book of Hermes Key of Hermes
Book of Uroborus Lallzat Cave Uroborus Pill
Book of Troth Grand City Manatini
Botany 101 Altena Church Yugdore Water
Chaos' Diary Sealed Ruins Verdure Doublet
Church Tale Final Dungeon Rotor Ankh
Clothspinner Tatalia Village Cotton Cloth
Crystal 101 West Sessier Plains Red Crystal
Cursed Man South Grand Plains Demon Ring
Dowsing Guide Noir Pendulum
Dragon Slayer Tales Fort Zeyung Dragon Slayer Earring
Ellis Final Dungeon, Lithograph Cure Crystal
Experiment Altena Forest Lota Cake
Fairy Life 1 Zwital Village Dark Fairy Clothes
Fairy Life 2 Zwital Village Dark Fairy Hat
Fairy Tales Zwital Village Fairy Tea
Fallen Book Riese Palace Fog Box
Healing Skills Altena Church Healing Jar
Heaven & Earth Claire Village Globe
Heavenly Sigh Eden Temple Element Blaze
Holy Script South Lake Midgard Cueparts
Hopes and Dreams Riesevelt Market Sun and Wind Wing
Garden Book Eden Temple Wonder Grow, Huffin Water
Geology Back Alley Magnetic Crystal
Ice Age East Coast Highway Bomb Ice
Illusional Vacation Sealed Ruin Time Stone
Instruction Manual North Grand Plains Silver Crowbar
Intellect Riese Palace Philosophical Ash
Iris' Notes Noir Mell Orb
Jewel of Eden Noir Damask Ring
Leneal Hidden Village Sage's Feather Pen
Liquidification Onuki Cave Corosive
Lost Item Eden Temple Meteor
Lumlia the Knight Noir Blue Bracer
Magic Snack Recipe Grand Highway Animal Cookie
Manners 101 Grand Highway Comet Gem
Manners 101: 2 Hidden Village Magatama Cone
Mell and the Monster Northern Cave Aroma Pot
Military Tactics Dark Forest 3 Power Shield
Miracle Stone Marmel Forest Gravistone
Mythology 1 West Coast Highway Nectar
Mythology 2 Agito Cave Item Wish
Mystic Beast Wetlands Basilisk Eye
Mystic Beast 2 Dark Forest 2 Flute of Cerberus
Mystical Beast Riesevelt Market Crystaleavy
Neko's Work Dark Forest 2 Refuel
Neko's Work 2 Alha Village Heal Bulb
No Name 1 Noir Uni
No Name 2 Dark Forest Dark Water
Noir Noir Eden Outfit
Mana Power North Grand Plains Uru Core, Nymph Core
Mana Power: Dark Alha Village Plua Core
Mana Power: Evil Dark Spring Faustus Core
Mana Power: Life Mt. Geland Aion Core
Mana Power: Power Zuvelk Core
Mana Power: Wind North Grand Plains Silwest Core
Me, Myself & Bomb Forest of Ocean Mist Mega Flame
My Ultimate Bomb Alha Village Tera Flame, Dragon Gem
Paper Skills Parnacky Cave Magic Paper
Pirate Bramus Vintavne Nautical Charts
Reincarnation Recipe Noir Return Gem
Revival Zwital Village Altena Jar
Shining Metal Crystal Monument Platin
Slaith Fashion Nelvia Spring Silver Armor
Slaith History Graveyard Slaith Dress
Slaith Songs Riese Palace Moon Drop
Soul Book Moon Tower Pendelook
Soul Genesis Eden Temple Elixir
Storm Weathervane Hill Lightning Rod
The Book of Soil South Grand Plains/Coast Blood Clay
The Life Max's Camp Eite Liqeur
The Light Noir Glow Lamp, Flame
The New Element Mist Canyon
Tik Tik Noir Ultimate Uni
Town History Forest of Ocean Mist Divine Shield
Veek Tactics Roten Helm
Viese's Recipe Noir Viese Charm
Weapon Guide Desert Ruins Craft
Weather Report Noir Dark Lightning Cloud
Yach's Notes Noir Rainbow Cloth

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