Below is a list of recipe books found in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

Name Level Recipes Chapter Found in Description
Legendary Forging Book 62 Meteornite, Halolium, Super Pure Water, Meteor Gloves , Meteor Boots Ch.8 Rosemia's Shop (2000 Cole) This guidebook aims to use the power of alchemy to transform certain substances into other, and maximize the power of materials. A bible for those who seek to ascend to new hieghts.
Forgotten Arts 74 Brother Call, Elixir, Sun Flower, Aroma Materia Ch.8 Escha's Shop (3000 Cole) A book describing secret arts created by ancient alchemists. It's quite difficult, and few people can understand it, but the contents described within can grant the reader unfathomable knowledge.
Mythical Materials 45 Mystix Yggdras Velvetis Ch.8 Escha's Shop (1900 Cole) A book about materials so rare and valuable, one would never expect to see them in their lifetime. It is said that ancient alchemy developed greatly thanks to the blessing of materials such as these.
Secret Book of the Clan 74 Shepard's Flute, Talisman of Ancient Beasts, Mirage Talisman Ch.9 Teo (During Free time) A secret recipe handed down through the lineage of the chiefs of Lugion Village. It contains knowledge about items of great power, and thus only a select few are allowed to see it.
Hero's Book* 0 Stone Coin, Heart of Fire, Planet Sphere, Chronicle Shield, Escape Jewel, Thunder Outfit, Divine Soul Ch.10 the Abyss- Deep Cave Ridge  ???
  • Note: The Abyss can only be unlocked after downloading it and reaching the Restricted area of Geofront in Chapter 10. The book is hidden north in Deep Cave-Ridge, where the tree surrounded by two Dusk Spirits is. Once there, go to the edge of the platform where you'll see a chest containing the Recipe book and the stairs leading down to it east of the platform.

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