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"A village created along a ruin."
— Map Description

Riesengang is a village appearing in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

It's also known as "The Village of The Ruin". The village itself is located upon a giant gear-like ruin[1]. To be able to excavate artifacts from the ruins, a village was established[2].

It is the first village that Ayesha travels to when she starts her journey. Regina works and lives in Riesengang, and the player can use her home as a workshop. Regina can also be recruited from her home if the player wants her in the party. 

The town is well known for the prospectors who dig through the town's ancient ruins. The player can also do the villagers requests to gain money, memory points, and items.

Riesengang is also the first village where the player will encounter Marion. She will appear several times throughout the course of the game's story.


The ruin of Riesengang has three parts, and connects to the ruins of Oesten Swamp. The ruin was most likely a water pumping facility when it was still in use. The ruin also has plenty of slag-type monsters that the player can fight. Within the Middle Area of the ruins, the Fortress and Tank are located. 

With the exception of Regina and Ayesha, women are usually denied to enter the ruin by the boss of the prospectors of Riesengang.

Area Name Enemies Items Other
Riesengang - Upper Guard, Mini Slag, Pico Slag, Watchman. Fluorite, Eternal Crystal, Pyrite Stone, Fire Stone. If Juris or/and Wilbell is in the party, they will appear in this map.
Riesengang - Middle Guard, Mini Slag, Butterfly Lizard, Pico Slag, Watchman, Officer, Fairydrake, Fortress, Tank. Fluorite, Eternal Crystal, Pyrite Stone, Fire Stone. If Regina or/and Keithgriff is in the party, they will appear in this map.
Riesengang - Lower Butterfly Lizard, Pico Slag, Watchman, Guard, Tracker, Officer, Nano SlagFairydrake. Silver Liquid, Never-melting Ice, Bright Ore, Lava Stone. If Linca and/or Nio is in the party, they will appear in this map.


Regina's HouseEdit

The home of Regina. After the event that occurs when traveling to Riesengang for the first time, the player can use this place as a workshop. Many events in Regina's event path also take place at her home. 

Village PlazaEdit

Most events that take place between Marion and Glide can be seen here. The Homunculus merchant will also be located here later on in the game. All of the delivery requests from villagers in Riesengang can also be found here.

Foot of VillageEdit

The exit and entrance to the village. Pana can be seen here. Also the location of the warehouse and house. 


The haybales at the top of the stairs can be examined for some Dry Roots. The table in the middle of the room can be examined for free Baguettes, a good healing item early on in the game. 

Boss's HouseEdit

Glide's home. Nothing of interest, unless Ayesha wants to talk with Regina's boss. 


  • In the "narration episode" about Riesengang of the World Guide CD, Riesengang was referred to as a small town instead of a village.



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