Scissor Bug
Scissor Bug
Level 11 (Atelier Totori)
12 (Atelier Meruru)
Type Bug
Health 83 (Atelier Totori)
101 (Atelier Meruru)
Defense 10 (Atelier Totori)
8 (Atelier Meruru)
Attack 35 (Atelier Totori)
23 (Atelier Meruru)
Speed 15 (Atelier Totori)
20 (Atelier Meruru)
Skills Bite (Atelier Meruru)
Locations Atelier Totori
Arland Great Plains
Atelier Meruru
Hart Outpost
Item(s) Dropped Rock Salt (Atelier Totori)
Serenity Flower, Chainweb, Mineral Drop (Atelier Meruru)

Atelier Totori Edit

"A flying insect with giant mandibles. Everyone compares its mandibles to scissors and the name stuck."
Atelier Totori description

Atelier MeruruEdit

"A bug that has huge scissors on its chin. I really hate bugs, but they make useful alchemy materials. I guess I just have to suck it up."
Atelier Meruru description

Vulnerable to fire and lightning based attacks.

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