A16 Shallistera

A16 Shallistera (3D)

Japanese Name シャリステラ
Age 16
Occupation Alchemist
Height 155 cm (5 '​1 '​ '​)
Blood Type A
Weapon Bell
Appears In Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

Atelier Questboard (during event)

Voice Kotori Koiwai (Japanese)

Shallistera Argo is one of the two protagonists in the Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

She is an alchemist and the daughter of the village chief who searches for a means to save her home, Lugion Village, and travels to the oasis town, Stellard, to do so. She is given the responsibility of protecting a sacred alchemical relic.

Before the events of Atelier Shallie, Shallistera has never been outside of her village and thus has trouble socializing. She takes her responsibility to save her village seriously. She eventually takes an interest in what is happening in the world.

Role in Atelier ShallieEdit

Just like in Atelier Escha and Logy, The player can choose Shallistera as the protagonist of the game. If choosen as protagonist, Shallistera will be the character the player will take the role of and control through the game. There are some items that are uniquely available only when playing as Shallistera, but they can be transferred to a Shallotte playthrough by equiping them.

If not chosen as protagonist, Shallistera will still be available in the game as an equipable party member.


In battle, Shallistera fights by using a magical bell, thus dealing purely in magic damage. When chosen as the protagonist of the game she has access to her ability, Synchronity, which can copy any item Shallistera has in her bag, similar to Totori's Copy ability. The difference between the two is that Synchronity doesn't lower the item's power by half, but it can only be used during Burst Mode.


Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description Element Target
Maiden Shoot Default 0 Magic Damage Magic Single enemy
Assist Attack Default 0 Support attack TBA Single enemy
Ether Light Default 0 Magic Damage [Support attack: 2nd Link] Magic Single enemy
Prime Vision Default 0 Magic Damage & Item Damage Up by 10%. [Variable Strike] Magic Single enemy
Assist Guard Default 0 Damage reduced by 30%, Swap with front line. TBA Single ally
Maiden Shower Default 0 Damage reduced by 30%, HP Recovery (Power based on ATK) Swap with front line. TBA Single Ally
Resonance Echo Default 0 ATK and DEF increase by 15%. [Field Burst] None All allies
Alchemist's Wit 10 0 Item effect 15%. None User only
Strong Will 15 0 25% chance to survive with 1HP. None User only
Initiate Gleam 30 0 Great Non-elemental damage. None Single enemy


  • Often, she likes to eat meat and admits that she's a slow eater.


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